My Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time
Murad Osmann

For me of course everything starts with the trailer. I don’t like being late to the cinema, the most interesting part of the cinema trip starts with watching the advertising block and trailers before the main movie.

I am a producer by profession, and certainly the monitoring of young or forgotten directors from all over the world is part of my everyday schedule. I love cinema and believe in the magic of the screen. So, top 5 best movies for me are!


"Pulp fiction"

(like it for Tarantino’s mad point of view)


"Good Will Hunting"

(Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote a brilliant script and received the “Oscar” for it)



(all Caucasians like “Godfather”. But seriously, Al Pacino’s play is beyond any nominations, premiums and awards)


"Forrest Gump"

(for its simplicity and realism, and its message of the possibility to achieve everything in any situation)



(like it for its warm-heartedness, oddity and originality)

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