A Weekend in Dubai
Nataly Osmann

Normally, Dubai is where you come to warm your body and soul, but when your time is very limited, and you want to see and do it all, we strongly recommend that you pre-plan your travel route down to the last detail: transport, cafes, and even clothing. To facilitate this process, you can use the tips from @visit.dubai, which combines all the noteworthy events on the same source

1. See the city from the roof of a skyscraper

If you like movies with futuristic scenes, then Dubai is a place of your dreams, it is here where you will find the tallest building in the world and countless skyscrapers with unique designs.

When you stand at the edge of 120 floors, you can’t help but think how far has the architecture evolved and how wonderful it must be for a bird to be able to enjoy such view all the time.

2. To organise desert safaris and camel rides

Desert - one of the wonders of nature, with its own special ecosystem and an atmosphere of soothing tranquility. Run barefoot on the sand (it is quite possible during winter), or try on a few retro looks to get a few memorable shots from the safari tour, that's an absolute must try. Jeeps - the ideal trucks for the unsteady roads. I warn you, your head is better be covered, so that nothing could spoil the feeling of your infinite happiness.

3. Admire the views of "Burj Al Arab" from the beach

Perfect beaches - are the highlight of Arab Emirates. After all, few countries can boast about a year-round summer. Also, there is the "Parus" (Burch-al-Arab) hotel, which the locals gave seven stars (officially: five-star deluxe), and as the legend has it, it will cost you a fabulous sum, so it is better to admire it from the side, lying on the beach and sipping soft mojitos just as we did

4. Walk the aisles of the local market

Bazaars (markets in the ”Oriental") deserve special attention from tourists. Here you can find everything from gold jewellery and fabrics to traditional Arabic perfumes, teas, spices, coffee, and, of course, sweets. For example, the gold market and the spice market are within walking distance of each other, and the main advantage of this shopping: before buying any (edible) items they can be tasted. I recommend to set apart a full day to raid the markets so there is nothing to distract you from the juicy peaches and spicy saffron.

5. Arrange a helicopter ride

The helicopter flights are one of the traditional entertainments in Dubai. Many tour operators often offer attractive deals that include several types of activities at a lower price, it is through such offers that a helicopter flight can easily become a reality. If it doesn’t sound extreme enough, I suggest to try sky diving or arrange for hot air balloon rides for the whole family.

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