2 days in Provence
Nataly Osmann


What could be more romantic? Spring in Provence, that's what! I'm going to tell you about my trip to the motherland of the cosmetics brand L'Occitane (which, by the way, is named after an Occitan girl. Audrey Tautou, for example, is a typical Occitan girl). The launching of their new fragrance was the incentive behind my French weekend in the village of Ménerbes.

I wasn't alone on this unique adventure, joining me were 4 famous it-girls:

Lily Rose @lilyrose - a French photographer

Luisa Accorsi @luisa.accorsi - a Brazilian video blogger

Nichole Ciotti @nicholeciotti - fashion blogger from the US

Leoni Hanne @ohhcouture - a girl who managed to create harmony between fashion and traveling in her blogs

Day 1 (or rather just the evening)

First of all, there's a need to appreciate the fresh air, the endless greenery and trees in bloom, which sprawl into every direction. Here people aren't always in a hurry and don't forget to appreciate the beauty around them: everything is slow and genuine.

As soon as I arrived in La Bastide de Marie Hotel, I tried the appetizers: cheese and pastry (very French). Surrounded by wooden furniture, flower arches, enormous terraces and straw hats, I finally managed to feel the atmosphere of peace and absolute calmness.

In the evening, we went to a restaurant, where we got to know each other. We were invited to a huge family table with a white tablecloth and wild flowers. In spring, weather in Provence changed all the time: the sun shines bright during the day, while towards the evening, heavy rain tries to flood everything around. But it's thanks to this unpredictable weather, I found out that best sunsets come after rain.

Day 2

Waking up at 5:30, meeting in the hotel lobby, a quick snack. Us girls were about to embark on a flight on huge hot air balloons. The view from above was so amazing that I almost forgot to take a photo for Instagram.

The flight took about an hour. Then we went to have breakfast. Breakfast in Provence is a huge table with natural healthy food: yogurt, crepes, cheeses, milk an a basket of oranges.

The main event of the day was the master class, which taught us everything about the new scent L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere. We were presented an opportunity to try every ingredient of the fragrance before mixing them together in a bottle by ourselves. The aroma is filled with touches of pink peppercorn and bergamot, which then give way to the intricate taste of honey lavender. The touches of honey fill the air with the warmth of sun rays, while the musk and vanilla add the softness and tenderness. In general, the whole composition of the scent gives off the feeling of "the golden hour" in Provence when the day is nearing its end and the sky is engulfed in a golden hue. Painters and photographers call this time of day magical, because it's during this hour that everything around (both the scenery and people) looks especially enchanting. A romantic story like this can attract any woman and anyone who wishes can find perfume here.

Day 3

Not a single morning on our trip went without surprises. When we walked out of the hotel after breakfast, we saw retro cars waiting for us. After the ride (during which we were allowed to stand inside the car roof), we had a photoshoot in the field, which lightened everyone's mood. When we came back, a separate photo zone with printed photos and lavender flowers was made for each girl.

In conclusion, Provence is a very unique place and it's no coincidence that it was so loved by poets and musicians. There's a special charm in every flower. It seems like every ray of sunlight finds its way into your heart and the time stands still. I was very glad to talk to the creators of L'Occitane scent, visit the brand's homeland and acquaint myself with the history of the new perfume. You should especially come to Provence if you are searching for creativity and endless inspiration!

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