Petersburg’s best coffee shops

Kseniya Piskunova – a blogger hidden behind @_caffeine_addict spoke with us about the coziest, cutest, most fashionable, stylish and, last but not least, tastiest coffee shops of windy Petersburg where any time is coffee time, not only mornings. Want to warm up, wake up, cheer up, or just pass the time over a cup of good coffee? Then this list is for you.

Radosti coffee

nab. Makarova, 28

When I came here for the first time, I was amazed by how much the place reminded me of cozy, almost home-like coffee shops which you can find in every corner in New York and Stockholm. A lot of light, panoramic windows, pleasant atmosphere, big range of deserts and tasty coffee! What else do you need? Make sure to try my favorite mix – creamy Raf-coffee and gorgeous light cake Smetannik.

Surf Coffee

Gorokhovaya ul., 34

I’ve never seen any analogues of this coffee shop. The place corresponds with its name: palm trees, surfboards, theme magazines, photos of the ocean and satisfied surfers, very comfortable hammock in which you can swing all day long… and in addition to it absolutely amazing coffee! Baristas like to surprise and people come here for unusual mixes. My latest favorite is Raf-coffee with popcorn and Oreo crumbs.

Mad Espresso Team

2-ya Sovetskaya ul., 27

This place became special for me in the course of the previous 3 years if not more. It all started from a small coffee stall on Sennaya Square where the tastiest cappuccino with “bubble gum” flavor was sold, then the guys opened a full-size coffee shop. I love this place for its interior, tasty breakfasts, and convenient location; also they’ve got new cool takeaway cups with which you can enjoy your city walks.

Coffee Room

Zhukovskogo ul. 63 / Ligovskij pr. 21A

Of course I could not walk past an enormous chain called Coffee Room - I adore all of their projects. I think lots of people in Petersburg love them as well! But if we are talking about coffee shops, let’s take a look at one on Zhukovskogo Street. Two stories, winding staircase, soft sofas and great music! Deserts are delivered to the second floor on a special lift – it looks both funny and authentic. Also, they have very unusual milkshakes which are worth trying, at least once. And in Mickey&Monkeys (one of the places of Coffee Room chain) there is a full on milkshake bar.


Nab. Kanala Griboyedova 106/12

It’s not that easy to find this small coffee shop, but it’s definitely worth searching for. It’s very calm and cozy, and the atmosphere and coffee are so great, that you don’t want to leave. My girlfriends and I often sit here for hours trying out different types of coffee, as there’s a lot of choice. My recent favorites include vanilla Raf coffee and V60 – try them!

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