Saint Petersburg
Saint Petersburg makes your heads spin. You want to call it Sir. Want to get dressed in your finest apparels and create, watch, shoot, read the city. Stand in the rain in an avenue or shiver form blasts of wind on the embankment – there is no bad weather in St Petersburg. Here, louring sky is a poetry for one’s soul
Northern capital
To shoot a video guide about Saint Petersburg was something that we wanted to do for quite a while, and when we finally had a chance, we couldn’t believe our luck. We felt a bit anxious just like before the first date; started getting ready, choosing outfits, packing… Innocent and happy we came to the city ready to get to know it all over again. We took Sapsan Express very early in the morning and a few hours later here we were, in the heart of the Northern Capital! A city of canals and white nights, echoes in the halls of the apartment buildings, coutryards in a shape of wells, invinsible noise of Nevsky Prospect, and this piercing silence just a second before the Mariinsky theatre curtain goes up. From the very beginning we knew exactly what two routes we wanted to explore - two very important topics, which create this elusive, trembling spirit of the city: its port location and cultural heritage. And everything around us seemed to ‘give up’ and lead us through these themes to the most incredible places the city can offer.

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