Most Fashionable Places of Petersburg

A very beautiful woman – soulful, fashionable, pleasantly shy Adelina Ahmetsafina (@alymayson), looks as if she just jumped off the pages of Nabokov – romantic and detached at the same time. Blogger and model Adelina talked about the most stylish facilities of modern Petersburg; the places where the brightest collaborations are organized and the loudest trends of the Northern Capital are born. By visiting just a couple of them you’ll have the chance of getting acquainted with all of Petersburg’s creative bohemia.


Italyanskaya st. 17

A place whose walls house both wild parties and cultural events. Its creators managed to build a multifunctional space with concerts and exhibitions on the basis of a club. It’s impossible not to see familiar faces: they mostly only welcome those who are “part of the clan”. “Bezdelniki” and any other project of this team ( before that there was “Dom byta”, Beatnik) is a real family, going from place to place: the name changes, but the public stays the same.

Au Pont Rouge Department Store

Nab. Reki Moyki 73

Фото: @alymayson

An analogue of Moscow’s “Tsvetnoy” – this is a department store, rich in ultra-fashionable world class brands (Comme des Garçons, Maison Margiela, Gosha Rubchinskiy). Trendsetters out for a stroll and young designers in search of inspiration are frequently seen here. There’s probably not a single Instagram blogger who doesn’t’ have a photo in front of the white interior.

Golitsyn Loft

Nab. Reki Fontanki 20

A fashionable creative cluster inside an old mansion, where a coffee shop (and a wine bar) Civil with a great view Mikhailovski Palace, soft syrniki (best in the city) and an equally great raf coffee opened. There’s an anti-café “Tsiferburg” nearby, where every visitor looks like a bohemian artist or writer, and where you feel like you’re a part of something mysteriously beautiful.

Jack&Chan Cafe

Inzhenernaya st. 7

A gastronomic symbiosis of America and Asia. It’s very atmospheric and tasty. God bless the pad-tai noodles! A purposefully untidy interior with different chairs and walls covered in graffiti add to the place’s authenticity.

Co-op Garage

Gorokhovaya st. 47

Opened last year, Co-op Garage is a real garage bar, just like in American films. People are always loud here and so is the music. While some eat pizza with unusual toppings and drink black currant cider, others play billiard in the center of the hall and listen to The Clash’s tracks. It’s not that easy to find the place. “Garage” is located deep inside a block courtyard behind ordinary gates. Still, it’s hard to push through the crowds on the weekend.

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