«Singapore Sling»
Nataly Osmann

Honestly, Singapore is wonderful! It is one of the rare city-states to begin with, and it looks like people here know about the uniqueness of this place and behave accordingly: they are proud of their history, try to protect their streets, and decorate every corner of their houses.

This time we had to travel to Singapore not as tourists, but as creators of our sincere and kind brand Follow Your Love. For ones, who haven’t heard about the brand, a couple of years ago we’ve created a jewelry line where we only use lab grown diamonds, which are identical to the real ones. To be honest, we are against mined diamonds because they are extracted mostly in Africa where people are made to work in inhumane conditions. There is a reason why people call them “blood diamonds”.

But let’s get back to Singapore! We’ve decided to present our brand new collection featuring colored diamonds in this city. As always, we stayed in our favorite Four Seasons Hotel. Funny enough, it seems like soon we will be experts and can give you a review of any Four Seasons hotel in the world, as it’s the place we always aim to stay in during our visits! We love them for their unsurpassed service and convenient location, which is always near the main sights. Four Seasons in Singapore is, of course, a skyscraper hotel.

A tall tower with the pool on the roof and spacious, light rooms with amazing fusion interior! Oh, and their breakfasts! So delicious! Moreover, one of the trendiest bars in the city, One-Ninety by Javier de la Muelas, in which the bartenders mix individual cocktails for each of the guests, is also in the hotel.

After Follow Your Love presentation we went for a walk in the famous botanic gardens, which is, by the way, the first sight from Singapore included in UNESCO World Heritage List! I promise to tell you all about my favorite restaurants in Singapore in the upcoming articles! Follow the news.

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