Interview with Mireia Lopez
Nataly Osmann

It is hard to determine the number of talented and outstanding people whom I met during Milan Fashion Week! And every meeting was special for me but the Mireia Lopez, Director of Accessories Business Unit at Bulgari, particularly impressed me. Upon meeting her, you get the feeling that you want to learn from her as her energy is so inspiring and powerful.

She is also very well put together, her style is a mix of a lot of details perfectly matching with each other, the forethought and elegance of her outfits are simply admirable. We met Mireia during the presentation of Bulgari’s brand new bag collection and had a small chat about fashion, inspiration and the secrets of success.

Nataly Osmann: Mireia, I am very glad to meet you! You are the Director of Accessories Business Unit at Bulgari and as I understand this is one of the most important positions in the company. Where does your inspiration for the new collections come from?

Mireia Lopez Montoya: I get my inspiration from women. I’ve never seen a woman who was not beautiful in my entire life. The way women manage to combine their career, family, self-education, and hobbies are fascinating! However, while working on our latest collection we’ve concentrated on one particular period of time, the 70s. We thought it was just the right mood one, that is currently missing, you know something light, carefree, dynamic. That’s why we’ve decided to decorate our bags with stars and shiny, bright bead embroidery.

Nataly Osmann: Speaking about materials I would like to point out that the quality of Bulgari’s items is unbelievable!

Mireia Lopez Montoya: I’ll tell you one secret; not everyone knows that all our bags are hand-painted, so there will never be two similar bags in our collections – each of them is unique. Every time I think about this I feel so proud of what we do. (Smiling)

Nataly Osmann: And what is your opinion on mixing colors and styles in accessories?

Mireia Lopez Montoya: Well, mixing colors and styles has always been a part of Bulgari’s DNA. We love fusion and unusual combinations, that’s how we create something new.

Nataly Osmann: What bag model is your favorite?

Mireia Lopez Montoya: Of course, classic Seprenti Forever. It only seems small, but you can really fit everything you need in there.

Nataly Osmann: And what are your must-have things?

Mireia Lopez Montoya: (Opens her bag) Let’s see what do I have here. Well, two pairs of sun glasses, my phone, credit cards, car keys, napkins, perfume.. See, I told you, it is bottomless!

Nataly Osmann: Right, moving on from bags, which accessories also draw your attention? For example, a woman walks in a room, what is the first accessory you will notice?

Mireia Lopez Montoya: Well, personally I focus more on the overall style, on the message you’re sending to the world, rather than shoes or a scarf. I pay attention to one’s walk, mimics, gestures, the way woman carries herself in society. Of course style is important, but what is more important, is who you really are.

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