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Nataly Osmann

Finally, I can officially confirm that we will be hosting a TV show on Channel One Russia! I don’t know about Murad, but for me it was a dream for a long time. In case some of you don’t know, I have a degree in Media Studies and was working in this field for 15 years. But let’s discuss it later. The main thing at the moment is that we finally got a chance to not only tell you all of the stories from our trips, but to show the most beautiful places in the world as well as take you backstage of the #FollowMeTo project.

Follow Me To TV show in IndiaFollow Me To TV show in India

Photo: @antonborodavka

We are often being asked a question “Guys you have such an amazing life. You seem to be always on vocation and travelling around the world. Are you happy?” Of course we are, but in the real life we have to work as much as we travel. In 90% of the cases we are making shots in all kinds of unusual conditions: climbing on the top of the convent, or walking for hours through the jungle, or shiver on the -30°C cold in Siberia all for sake of a shot.

Backstage of Follow Me To TV show, Baikal Lake, RussiaBackstage of Follow Me To TV show, Baikal Lake, Russia

Photo: @antonborodavka

Follow Me To TV show, IndiaFollow Me To TV show, India

Photo: @antonborodavka

If this is were Murad’s article, he would also add that often the best shots are made on the break of dawn! This means that Natasha would get up at 4-5 am, get ready, put her dress on, do her hair and be in right place in a right position greeting the sun.

Follow Me To TV show, PhilippinesFollow Me To TV show, Philippines

Photo: @antonborodavka

I will tell you a secret. 6 countries we are going to tell you about are extremely different from one another, and the #FollowMeTo photos are simply incredible. We used a lot of national costumes, spoke with the locals, faced the police, and fell in love with the places. And now we are ready to show this on the big screen!

In my blog I will talk about the peculiarities of the filming process, all the itineraries and places, which I would like to advise you to visit, as well as ones you should stay away from.

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