The best restaurants of New York
Nataly Osmann

New York, New York!… It makes your head spin with skyscrapers and the fast paced rhythm of life. There are a lot of foreigners and everything is so fast. When you come to the Big Apple you instantly find yourself surrounded by this unbelievable atmosphere that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. For me, New York is that coffee smell that fills the streets every morning, those lines in front of restaurants and elegant girls, quickly changing their heels for sneakers right in the middle of the street. Crowds of tourists and expats. Manhattan, historic buildings, bridges, Central Park, Times Square, rows of shop windows and the yellow cabs flooding the streets. All that, 24/7, non-stop - I love New York! After one year, Murad and I already have a few favourite spots, we know where to have a great dinner and drink the best coffee. Here I’m going to share some of our city’s secrets!

The Plaza Food Hall

1 West 59th Street

The Plaza Food Hall

As soon as we get to NY, the first thing Murad and I do is go to the Food Hall. It’s located in the Plaza Hotel (the one where they shot “Home Alone”). It’s a tiny cellar with a sign that is barely noticeable. But once you go inside, you’ll find yourself in a true gastronomic heaven! Besides the Food Hall restaurant itself, there is a number of other establishments suited for any taste and budget.

The Plaza Food Hall

Here is where you’ll find the best pancake joint in the whole city: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mocha, basically any flavour you can think of! But let’s get back to Food Hall. It offers a fusion style cuisine and absolutely everything is exquisitely delicious, from the freshest sushi to pizza. Pay extra attention to crab burgers and the Mexican quesadilla. Nomnomnom.

Soho House New York

29-35 9th Avenue

Soho House

This restaurant is part of the legendary Soho House hotel - a very special New York place. For one thing, only members of an elite private club can get in. A privilege possessed only by the mightiest of the mighty: celebrities, politicians and other successful (and obscenely rich) individuals from very different circles.

Soho House

The membership is not free either, you want in - be ready to pay a hefty sum on a regular basis. So in case you’re lucky enough to fit in any of the categories mentioned above, or maybe were invited as a guest, come during breakfast: it is supposed to be extremely good. During summertime, there’s an open roof terrace with a pool, next to which they serve excellent brunches.

TAO Downton

92 9th Avenue

Tao Downtown

One of my personal favourites. There are two TAO in New York: both Uptown and Downtown have one. I prefer the latter. First of all, it’s so beautiful Downtown. Secondly everything is just so tasty. Finally - it’s a trendy place, where I actually saw Justin Bieber and Usher.

Tao Downtown

Photo: Murad Osmann

The focal point of the space is the eight handed Hindu goddess. Dimmed lighting, low comfy sofas and quiet lounge music just make you want to spend the whole evening whispering sweet nothings to your other half.

Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue

Chelsea Market

The loudest and the also the yummiest place in the city. Every day, very early in the morning the freshest seafood, fruits, meats and pastries are delivered here. It’s an enormous gastronomic market. Multiple stands and restaurants with very different food for people with all kinds of existing tastes and preferences! Located in the bohemian part of New York, which only adds to its undeniable allure.

Peacock Alley

301 Park Avenue

Photo: Peacock Alley Restaurant

In the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel - once a favourite spot of both gangsters and a number of presidents, - there is also the no less iconic Peacock Alley café which I advise you to visit during breakfast time. Why? Well, perhaps because eggs Benedict were invented right here! They also host the famous Sunday brunches.

Catch NYC

21 9th Avenue

Catch Restaurant

The true cherry on top in the popular avantgarde Meatpacking district. I love this place for its totally unique atmosphere. You can have dinner here while admiring the latest fashion trends sitting at the next table. You have to try the house specialty - a roll appetiser, and for the main course order the lobster or the deep fried seabass. By the way, during the night this place transforms into a very hot bar!

Cipriani Downtown

376 West Broadway



Once inside, you are instantly transported to the sunny, soulful Italy. One step - that’s all it takes. The most surprising thing about this restaurant in the heart of Soho is that for all the years we’ve known and loved it, neither the food nor the quality of the service has changed one bit. They both have stayed excellent. Favourite dish - the green pea risotto.

Mari Vanna

41 East 20th Street

Mari Vanna

An American branch of a Moscow based restaurant. It’s uncanny how this place, that serves the traditional Russian home-style meals, is so popular among the native New Yorkers.

Mari Vanna

You can often successful models and businessmen here. It gets especially fun around New Years, when the stronger drinks are poured right out the samovars.

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