Best cafes of Havana
Nataly Osmann

Cuba is passion. Passion for everything: people, nature, life, food… Small diners, shadowy paladars (small private Cuban restaurants), colorful street stalls, romantic cafes – everything is teeming with life and sounds of clinking plates. We’ll tell you where to try the tastiest tapas, legendary daiquiri, and best seafood in Havana!

Cafe O’Reilly

O’Reilly No. 203, Old Havana

This cozy, two-story café is hidden in one of the side streets of Old Havana, and is is not very popular among tourists, which makes it even more authentic. Here, you can escape the afternoon heat, while drinking fruit lemonade and listening to the monotone sound of a fan’s blades spinning from the ceiling, casting the slow dance of shadows on the wall.

La Guarida

418 Concordia

This is one of the most famous paladars on the island! It became famous because of the popular soap opera “Strawberry and Chocolate”, in which the main heroes enjoyed decadent dinners in this particular paladar. The place is simply astonishing! All the walls are covered with photos of old Havana, works of local artists, plates, clocks, baubles… Tables with white tablecloths and wide-opened windows. But the most exciting thing waits for you on the roof of the mansion, and you can reach this by climbing an old, spiral staircase. At the top, you’ll find a hollow frame, which encases the view of the city as if it was a painted picture.

La Floridita

Obispo No.557 esq. a Monserrate, Old Havana

This restaurant-bar has a 187 year old history! Locals love to tell all kinds of legends about this place. They say that even the famous daiquiri was first made within these walls. And once, Ernest Hemingway, who’d spent many evenings here, drank 14 cocktails at once and his record has never been broken! Some people also say that here, at the table next to the window, the great writer wrote most of his novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. I’m not sure which of these stories are true, but anyone can feel the inspiration in the air.

Le Chansonnier

Calle J No. 257 e/15 y Linea, Vedado

Photo by COMPLOT Magazine

One of the best restaurants in Havana Le Chansonnier is situated in this old colonial villa with endless ceilings, marble floors and arched passageways. The place has a bohemian yet mysterious atmosphere: shadows are hiding in corners, antique furnishings can be found everywhere, lush greens “peeking” from the window and the frosted glass of wine bottles catching the light. By the way, it’s here that we tasted the most delicious seafood in Cuba!

Lamparilla Tapas & Cervezas

Lamparilla 361 e/ Aguacate y Villegas

A bright, authentic and noisy tapas-bar in the heart of the city. There are always a lot of smells, people and food. Portions are enormous compared to modest Spanish appetizers. So here is my piece of advice for you: order a couple of dishes for your gang, so everyone can have a small taste of everything. I recommend to drink it all off with an ice-cold mojito, which is served in glass jar-mugs.


1810 Avenida 35

One of the rare “new format” Cuban restaurants. A very stylish and fresh space with the design and concept created by an adorable couple from Spain, who fell in love with Cuba at first sight and then permanently relocated here.. Interior, dishes and serving – everything is very unusual; it seems like you’re not even in old-fashioned Havana, but in the heart of LA.

El Cocinero

Calle 26

This restaurant-bar is situated on a roof of an industrial complex, which was once planned to be a butter producing factory, but in the end was left empty. El Concinero is a fancy place with a lit up bar counter, red lamps and seats, bottles of champagne in ice buckets, neon colored cocktails and dressed guests. Why not spend a high-chic evening here?

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