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The founder of her own fashion label Liza Odinokikh (@liza_odinokikh) is an extremely talented and brave girl. After all, not everyone can talk about their competititors with sincere enthusiasm. In the meantime, Lisa tells us about the best St. Petersburg designers whose showrooms deserve a visit, we humbly note that Lisa herself has something to be proud of - her creations appear regularly on the pages of Harper's Bazaar, and Glamour, and the last show of her brand in St. Petersburg Aurora Fashion Week Russia was a real sensation. It’s safe to say she can be well trusted in all matters of fashion!

Love to Knit


Photo: @knitwear_studios

Everything so soft and fluffy, warm, in gentle pastel shades - the women of Love to Knit know how to brighten up our winter, and create the most beautiful knitwear in the world.

Fuzzy bubblegum pink hats, long scarves, and cozy sweaters you won’t want to take off until spring - all to the delight of a caring grandmother, who is constantly worried about us walking around practically “naked”.

Crown Showroom


The creator of the brand is a young man from St. Petersburg, who with his own hands makes luxurious and very unusual hair accessories. Tiaras made from natural stone, wreaths from metal and glass berries, feathered headbands... His imagination truly knows no limits. Do not be surprised if his designs will soon appear on such outrageous girls, like Lady Gaga or Rihanna.



Photo: @osome2some

Anna and Natalia Andrienko Buzakova founded one of the most popular brands in the modern St. Petersburg. Basically, the brand has become famous thanks to its perfectly tailored coats and elegant dresses. Osome2some has long outgrown the scope of one city: they gladly dress Moscow ladies, and some collections are even purchased by European buyers.



Photo: @handmix

Original handmade jewellery. The designers themselves call their jewellery brand “delicate,” and the epithet is literally perfect for describing the style of the entire brand. Nothing pretentious and overly flashy, only classic elegance, because true beauty is almost always in the details. I really like how elegantly the designers treat the gems.

Afour Custom


Photo: @afourcustom

Very trendy guys who make original handmade shoes at reasonable prices. They first started by making trendy custom sneakers, but now there are oxfords, and loafers, and brogues. My favourite model - leather shoes with a "fried egg" on the headlands. These guys also offer a service to "upgrade" your old shoes: you can give them your boring sneakers and see what happens.

I make Bags


Stylish minimalistic clutches, envelopes, bags, and other leather products. Almost every other St. Petersburg fashionista boasts about completing their outfits with these trendy accessories. And unlike most similar brands, the quality of I make Bags is excellent!



Within the standards of St. Petersburg this brand is a ”mastodon" of the fashion world. It already has its fans, a website and stores in 11 cities of Russia! A win-win concept - universal basic clothing for all occasions. Solid-shirts dresses, cotton tops, pants and classic grey sweatshirts. The things you will definitely wear.



A gorgeous and trendy Eugene Malygina established her avant-garde brand Pirosmani back in 1999, but the asymmetrical black dresses, voluminous coats and wisely constructed, distorting pants are still quite popular among the aestheticians of St. Petersburg. It is not cheap, but it looks amazingly cool. Dark, gothic, futuristic and very modern.

Asya Malbershtein


The signature black leather backpack "from Asya” is the object of desire of any fashionista, not only in St. Petersburg but also in Moscow. Initially, the brand was producing only monochromatic minimalist backpacks, but over time they gradually added bags, clutches and clothing. The Personality line that allows you to add any inscription to your bag is the best seller of the season.

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