Where to stay in Kamchatka
Murad Osmann

The real Kamchatka could be truly discovered while stargazing at the gorgeous night sky and sipping hot coffee prepared on an open fire, and cozying up in comfortable sleeping bags. We ourselves have spent a week and a half here and got so used to the camping conditions, that once we got in a more civilised kind of housing with unlimited hot water and lights controlled by a switch, we were basically shocked by this level of luxury. So if you get tired from living in a tent and start hating your trekking shoes then head on over to one of the guest houses I mention later on. By the way, most of them are located in places with amazing scenery (some of them are in actual natural park resorts!), so you can still enjoy the beauty of the Far East from the comforts of a modernised cottage, or, perhaps, your very own suite! Read on to find out more about this particular phenomenon of a Kamchatka’s suite!

Mountain resort “Snow Valley”

Yelizovsky district, Termalniy alley, 20 km from the Mutnovsky highway, Kamchatka

Perhaps, one of the most stylish resorts in Kamchatka especially favoured by a young crowd - snowboarders and ski enthusiasts that come here for the thrill of freeriding. We too, decided to stay here, and we must say that the location was perfect. It is right half way between Yelizovo airport and Mutnovsky volcano, and it is about 60 km away from famous Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The surroundings are quite romantic: endless mountains and deep woods, burning in bright reds and golden yellows during the autumn. The inside is full of woods and the atmosphere is very home-like.

“Lesnaya” Holiday Village

Paratunskoe highway, 25th km, Paratunka, Kamchatka

One of the central villages in Paratunka town; you could even say it’s the main one. This area is particularly famous for its hot springs - that’s why there are dozens of hotels and apartment houses located around the area. But we liked this particular one more than others. First of all, because of its ample territory; secondly, because of the freshly renovated cottages; and, finally, because of the extremely approachable personnel that is ready to help with any task - be it a helicopter ride or an advise on the necessary equipment for whatever you are planning.

“Derevenka” guest houses

Svelte village, Molodiyozny microdistrict 27, 18th km, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

These guest houses are located in the outskirts of Petropavlovsk-Kamchtsky, on a way from Yelizovo airport. This place has a very authentic vibe to it - wooden houses standing at the edge of a green forest. Each house has its own category starting with a countryside-like feel, and continuing all the way to luxurious villas with fireplaces, private terraces, and a separate dining hall. By the way, there’s also a really good bath house and an open swimming pool. You also have an amazing view of the locally famous sights - Avachinsky bay and Vilyuchinsk volcano.

Dolce Vita hotel

Toporkova street, 5/1, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Most of the travellers, who come to Kamchatka, rarely spend more than two-three days in Petropavlovsk. The capital becomes sort of a place to pass through, or somewhere you can rest after a long flight and prepare for the adventures ahead. The Dolce Vita hotel is the only boutique hotel of the city, and you can instantly sense how hard it tries to meet this high standard: silky white walls, golden tiles in the bathroom, heavy curtains and relieves in the headboards. It all looks very expensive but quite tasteful at the same time. It is a nice change of pace and scenery compared to the bleak, greyish surroundings of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

“Tumorky” holiday village

Yelizovo, Yelizovo district, Kamchatka

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@helipro_ru)

This village is located quite far from most of the well-known tourist routes and destinations - right in the middle of famous Krontsky nature reserve, - and all the guest are flown in here by helicopters from Yelizovo (it takes about two hours to get there). The area is beautiful: wooden house with a red roof stands right at the foothill of Kizimen volcano; around is a deep forest and unbelievable silence - the only thing you can hear is wind whistling and birds singing in the trees. You really feel like you are at the edge of the world. Right in the hotel’s premises you will find four mineral springs! During springtime you could see bears coming up to them to get warm.

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