The journey to Kamchatka became one of our most reckless adventures! A country of fearless birds, volcanoes, bears tossing and turning in their sleep, and the distant seas… Where dreams echo in the hills, and the smell of salt and ashes stays forever in your hair.
Rules of survival on the edge of the world
Seven time zones and a fifteen hundred-kilometer flight, and now ... Greet us, Kamchatka! We have wanted to visit the most beautiful peninsula of Russia for a very long time! The far away land that makes your deepest wishes come true. We spent 7 amazing days here, and honestly, left feeling incomplete, knowing that we will come back here, even more than once. Here, at the edge of a volcano, it is all about the element, so all of our routes revolved around the most primitive forms: earth, air and water. And the wealth of local nature has provided us with all the possible shades, textures and characters in all the three directions!

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