It seems impossible to describe Bali in a few words. But you could manage to describe it in one. Versatile. This epithet really fits the island. Want to see and feel everything at once? Then you have to come here.
A day with Pasha Mukus
We rise up higher into the sky, the rope is tightening, the jump… Suddenly the world is far below. It freezes. You're soaring above in complete silence… Or you’re slowly descending. Every half a meter is harder to get through than the last. Seems as if the water around you is black and heavy, pressing in on you from every side… Scared yet? No surprise there. Extreme activities are only for the brave. Like Pasha Mikus, for example, who tries diving, flyboarding, fishing in the open sea, and more, in Bali. The island itself has an essence of freedom, movement, and energy, so it’s almost impossible to resist the temptation to try something extra-ordinary and broaden your horizons!
Four Seasons Resort Bali At Jimbaran Bay

A resort in the heart of one of the most prestigious districts of the island. It is really luxurious and lively. Hotel’s interior mesmerizes you with its richness, there are designer accessories, flowing fabric and natural flowers everywhere. Each villa has a bedroom with a panoramic window, a private pool, and an open terrace, surrounded by greenery. There’s also an amazing view of the gulf.

Tanjung Benoa Watersports

We arrived at Cape Benoa. It was very beautiful and, most importantly, fun here. A lot of different activities, from hang-gliding to diving. First we went reef fishing, where we literally fought the sea over fish for a few hours. Then we had dinner in a restaurant on the shore. And then the time came for the main course. We paraglided, scuba-dived and even drove a water scooter. The emotions were sky high!

Urchin Grill & Raw Bar

We decided to have a huge supper to celebrate our trip. The whole team gathered in Urchin Grill &Raw Bar. The food here is so good, that we wanted to take the chef to Moscow with us. The interior is minimalistic and very stylish, it’s as if you’re in a fashionable bar in NY. This was an unforgettable evening for all of us: the atmosphere was friendly and relaxing, everyone drank wine, talked and shared their experiences in the beautiful Bali.


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