We are Murad and Natalia Osmann.
Five years ago we started our photo project Follow Me. We have been inspired by love - love to travel, love to unknown countries, love to beautiful places, and, of course, love to each other.
First #Followmeto shot
The story has started on our first trip together to Barcelona. We were very young, very much in love, and absolutely carefree. We were strolling along sunny narrow streets, chatting, laughing, and, of course, taking lots of photos. All of a sudden Natasha looked away and pulled Murad forward, and that was the moment when he caught ‘that shot’!

Taking a fancy to each other, more and more, we were falling in love with travelling together.
It has become our little tradition to bring a ‘post card’ to our friends from every country we went together. An idea of the image in all of them was the same: a girl taking a young man’s hand and leading him to the most iconic places on Earth.
It didn’t take long for the overseas media to start talking about the project. And after some articles in Reddit, Daily Mail, and BuzzFeed the obsession took over the whole world.
Flight of fancy
We were on fire and work A LOT (really, really a lot!). Art Basel exhibitions and shows in Time Square; collaborations with Google, Macy’s, and Samsung; special projects with National Geographic and NBC Channel. Even found time to finish writing two books!
And here we go. One more very important step. This time we proudly present to you our new online project!
FollowMeTo.travel is our own map of the world.
We are sharing with you our stories about some of the world’s most unknown and unrecognizable landmarks and showing you how a travel to a destination you always dreamt about could become a reality. And it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or how much you earn.
With you in mind we created detailed guides tracing #FollowMeTo, adding to them a pinch of secret and very useful instructions from locals, and a dash of our own recommendations.

Only here you could literally ‘get inside our heads’ and find out all we think about different countries, airlines, hotels, how to pack your suitcase, and other little things, which when summed up create a whole big picture of a great journey.

Where are we right now?


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