What to take with you on the plane
Nataly Osmann

So, how to stay gorgeous at the times when you literally fly up in the sky 24/7? First of all, just so you know, I’m a pro when it comes to flying. And to be honest with you, I enjoy the process a lot. But flying all the time means extra care for your skin, which is essential if you don’t want to look like a prune by the age of 40. So, make sure you read this carefully and pay attention to details.

Unfortunately, cosmetics and high altitudes don’t go together and all you can take with on board from your usual makeup is, probably, a makeup over your eyebrows. The rest would be quite harmful high in the sky. 10000 km altitude could be stressful for your skin and eyelashes and over the years of travelling I came up with my own little set which I can always rely on while flying. I know people who are up for wearing facial masks while travelling, but let’s talk about it later… If you don’t feel comfortable to travel to the airport without your makeup on, make sure you at least take it off before boarding. This is where L’Occitane wet wipes come very handy.

Photo: Ekaterina Klimova

1. Cream Privoine Flora Hand - with floral scent of peony, perfectly moisturizes the skin.

2. Facial Fuel Eye De-puffer KIEHL'S - light facial spray, I use it every two hours, it has a very pleasant cooling effect with hibiscus extract.

3. Kiehl's Travel -Tested Solutions In-flight Refreshing Facial Mist – it is a real facial detox, it cleanses and revitalizes the skin, the cooling effect appears immediately. It contains cactus flower, Tibetan ginseng and natural essential oils.

4. Kiehl's Travel -Tested Solutions Eucalyptus Lip Relief - based on the same cactus and ginseng, eucalyptus oil, without leaving your lips shiny, moisturizes and protects them!

5. Givenchy Black for light mask - unique mask with a black, velvety foam texture and luminous particles that purifies your skin and makes it glow. Be careful not to apply a very thick layer of the mask, as it may come out a little bit black. This product is for the brave ones.

6. Jo Malone Vitamin Gel E - this is the most brilliant gel for air travel I came across with! Firstly, it is not visible on your face at all and, secondly, it moisturizes so well, that after the flight it seems as if you were on the spa treatments.

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