What to bring to Kamchatka
Nataly Osmann

When they say that Kamchatka is on the edge of the world, just believe us it is! Bad mobile telephone connection is normal here and one can only dream of the high-speed Internet, there are no roads, but that's the beauty of this place! Nature reigns here and it dictates its own laws.

I’ve searched everywhere for any good advice on how to pack for Kamchatka, but came up empty handed, so I thought I’d record a short video for you, showing exactly what I have inside my suitcase! And yet I want to add this list is useful to all fans of extreme comfort intending to conquer the mountains, sleep in forests and raft down wild rivers. And just remember that you won’t be doing all that in the warmest time of year!

1. Wool socks

2. Warm hat

3. Protective hood

4. Scarf

5. Thermal socks

6. Swimming Suit

7. Waterproof pants

8. Sweater Alena Akhmadullina X Dressone

9. Warm sweater

10. Packable Jacket

11. Radio

12. Mobile charger

13. Packed Lunches

14. Keepsake

15. Sunglasses Dsquared2

16. First-aid kit

17. Toothpaste Lush

18. Small heaters

19. ASUS ZenBook 3

20. Raincoat Lacoste

21. trecking shoes

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