Up in the sky!
Nataly Osmann

As someone for whom the airports have become a second home, I am no longer confused by bulky suitcases, endless lines and metal detectors. Because at the end of it all, there is always an unknown country and a new adventure! However, getting ready for the airport and the plane is an art that requires a certain skill. I'll tell you all about the things that will make your journey the most comfortable one! They fit perfectly in your hand luggage and they help me to be beautiful and happy, even if you have to change a couple of time zones.

Let's start with the beauty-routine. As it turns out, it is not easy to find miniature versions of your favourite beauty tools and products. This led me to collaborating with Clinique on creating the travel size make-up bag that contains four of my favourite products in a reduced format. Very comfortable!

1. Resistant makeup remover - Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

I do not get tired of repeating that flying with make-up on is bad and unwise. On board the aircraft your skin feels so terribly stressed, so before the trip I always cleanse my face with this gentle tonic.

2. Intensive moisturising gel - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

The most important thing for the skin (especially during the flight) - is moisture, so I use a weightless gel-cream that nourishes the skin for 24 hours. And no additional products are necessary.

3. Moisturising cream-gel for the skin around the eyes Pep-Start Eye Cream

This tool is indispensable for the delicate skin around the eyes! It moisturises, nourishes, but does not leave a greasy shine. If you do not manage to sleep on the plane, this gel will be your salvation.

4. Universal mascara High Impact Mascara

In case you're in a hurry for an important meeting (as they say "from the ship to the ball"), just a touch of it will immediately make your eyes look fresh and awake. And upon arrival at passport control, you'll be simply irresistible!

Click here for more details about Clinique x FollowMeTo travel-bag!

Now we shall turn to more everyday things. Here is a list of items, without which I cannot imagine any journey!

1. Laptop ASUS ZenBook UX390

If Murad and I stopped work during flights, then we would spend just a couple of hours a week on our laptops. Now, many flights have Wi-Fi, so I keep in touch with our editors, take care of the budget, and select the photos. If I have any free time left, I watch movies.

2. Leica Camera

Random shots for the family album? Why not! You never know what kind of mood will the new journey bring you. We couldn’t do it without this camera. Murad is not the only one in the family who likes to be behind the camera.

3. Book

The only place where I am able to read is a plane! Style, genre and content often depend on the direction. Usually I bring something that makes me think, such as book by Ashlee Vance called the "Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and the road to the future “, so I can be inspired by the geniuses of our time!

4. Large headphones

I usually like to devote the entire flight to one single artist, so before leaving I download a new album from iTunes and enjoy! The last hero on my playlist is Barry White and his «Your Heart and Soul: The Love Album». Love songs are always inspiring.

5. Portable battery

In general, it is always in my bag! Sometimes I take several with me, because sometimes in the cold the phone will die and I’ll have to charge it immediately. Incidentally, the battery with a custom #FollowMeTo design can be bought on the fourth floor of the Tsvetnoy mall. Can’t go anywhere without promoting ourselves! Hooray!

6. Sleeping mask and neck pillow

A mask of our design with the «Born to travel» inscription is my favourite, I always take it everywhere (also available for purchase in Tsvetnoy). And as dreams are sacred, these beautiful things can make the process even more magical.

7. Warm socks

First of all it is often very cold on planes, and the air conditioning is blasting for hours. Secondly, knitted socks are just so cozy and comfortable. They can even work as slippers. It is best to have ones that are soft and long!

8. Water

The weather is sometimes unpredictable. Several times we were "locked" in the waiting area because there was a raging blizzard or fog. In this case, you really can’t do without a bottle of mineral water.

9. Bvlgari Sunglasses

Will be relevant in any country at any time of the year! It doesn't matter if you're escaping from the tropical sun or the northern lights!

10. Bite Granular bars

Naturally, hearty and delicious! Useful snacks are in general, a real rarity at times of travel. I always take several different bars with me. Someone from the team, or one of your friends will say, "Oh, is there one more?"

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