The secret of oils
Nataly Osmann

Many people are afraid to use oils, but I will tell you honestly, they are my secret to youth and beauty. The main thing is to measure. When using oils in cosmetics it is important not to overdo the dosage. The first time I came to India, I met with ayurvedic cosmetics and immediately became a devoted fan. I sincerely believe that only an extract from oil can actually help restore the skin and can even smooth out wrinkles!

Photo: Ekaterina Klimova

1. Fresh hand rinsing cedar oil from Natura Siberica – put it into all creams, on my hair, you can even add it into food.

2. Frank Skincare 100% Organic Luxury Face Oil – I bought it in Singapore, but the oil is made in Australia, and Australian cosmetics are amongst the most natural.

3. Neo Veda Anti-Wrinkle Face Essential Oil - is a favorite oil bought in India, rub it very gently; it gives the effect of massage.

4. Nordic Beauty - oil with antioxidants, often replaces my day cream. I mix it with cedar oil, and my skin is safe.

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