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Nataly Osmann

Photoshoot, changing clothes, runway, changing clothes, made it to hotel, changing clothes, presentation, well, you get it… Milan Fashion Week is an impulsive, colorful tornado of events, people and emotions. You should take a heroic quest in order to see it all! For instance, once I had to my clothes in a taxi cab and run a mile in high heels. But I will speak about that later!

First things first, Milan during the fashion week and Milan on an ordinary day, are two completely different cities. Four times a year (during the presentation of men and women collections) the city turns into a “fashion hive” for exactly seven days.

Everyone is flying somewhere (mostly in various directions), carrying something (cameras, light reflectors, wardrobe trucks, clutch bags from the latest collection) and buzzing non-stop. To be honest I love this organized chaos - at first glimpse it seems like everything is going on spontaneously, but in reality, the actions of every person are surrendering to special kind of rules.

My fav outfits from Milan Fashion Week

I would like to share not only a detailed story about fashion outfits (I know, I know that’s the most interesting part) but also cover the most interesting events that happened during this crazy week.

1. Bulgari dinner and meeting with Jean-Christophe Babin

Bulgari’s events are same as their jewels – elegant and chic. This time the audience gathered in brand’s hotel Bulgari Hotel Milano. There were so many precious stones in the room, shining under the lights, it was almost blinding. Honestly, apart from the solemnity of the event, the overall atmosphere was very friendly, even comforting.

2. Antonio Marras Show

Most of the time it is hard to pick one défilé from the number of colourful shows, but this time I defined my favourite pretty fast. Designer Antonio Marras turned the runway into a dance hall. Passionate tango was performed by different people: not only models but also charismatic Italian grandmas, students, and designer’s friends. I could not remain indifferent to this show with my love of dancing!

3. Morning in Starhotels Rosa Grand Hotel

Waking up and finding out you have three whole hours before the first fashion show is priceless. I stayed in Starhotels Rosa Grand hotel but spent most of my time on shows or presentations, so I only payed attention to the elegant interior of the place. So finally I had three hours to enjoy everything I love about hotel life! I stayed in bed and ordered myself breakfast – fresh pastry, orange juice, fruits and sweets, then relaxed in a tub full with aromatic salt and even managed to go to hotel’s SPA! After I walked down to Duomo (happiness is walking with sneakers on, not heels!) and remembered how beautiful Milan is in the morning!

4. Excursion around Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada is a unique place: a contemporary art museum mixed with fashion boutique and office, surrounded by a high-tech park. Prada fashion show was held here, and the next day after the show, the whole collection was set in the main hall, letting guests have a detailed look at jewelled embroidery on coats or designer accessories.

5. Photoshoot with Murad

As you can guess, Murad is not a frequent guest of fashion weeks. He does not know the difference between ankle boots and jackboots or Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo. But this year he decided to surprise me and came to Milan for the weekend. We went to a couple of défilé together and he even tried to pretend that he is interested in what’s going on, and didn’t fall asleep in the front row. After wonderful Allberta Ferretti’s fashion show we did a small photoshoot in the central tramway of Milan. The place is very authentic. We were shooting on the tracks, cars hooted at us and we laughed like crazy. It was a perfect day!

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