Just love
Nataly Osmann

I dreamt of seeing the highest mountains, whales in the deep ocean, witnessing magical sunsets and sunrises. I easily created new worlds; love and dreams were my greatest friends. But life always brings challenges, which either break us or make us stronger, pushing us to grow up, but not to reject our magical world.

I’ve been studying the art of dance for more than 15 years. I’ve learnt to use my body to express my feelings and emotions. Music and movement doesn’t just lead me, they are a part of me, flowing in my veins, beating in my heart.

At the most unexpected moment during one of my trainings, I broke my spine. The diagnosis was obvious: I had to forget about the sport forever. Months of rehabilitation, pain, tears, I wanted to just give up everything, accusing the world in its unfairness. During such moments, it is important to find strength and love within yourself to conquer your fears, to overcome challenges, to open up your heart, and learn to love this world again. Time passed and I stepped onto the dance floor again.

I have been working as a journalist since I was fourteen. I paint with words; they help me express my feelings and learn about the world. Back at school, I was diagnosed with dyslexia – a death sentence for anyone who wants to read or write for people. But my belief in my dreams and myself helped me to stay the same and overcome all challenges by spending days with tutors, doctors and teachers. There is just one reason that I didn’t give up – my endless love towards everything that surrounds me.

That’s how a little girl’s dreams about a fairytale world, different countries, cities, and civilizations became reality. That’s how one heart managed to ignite thousands of others.

People broke my heart, laughed at me, closed doors in front of my face, forbade me doing things I felt were right. I stumbled, felt upset, made mistakes, fought, couldn’t understand… And then was silence. In such moments I listened to my heart, which always gave me the answers, as inside it there was always love – love was in every thing: in the skies, in the palms of my hands, in every breath I took. It’s in the depths of my heart… So just… Love.

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