In the Bleak Midwinter
Nataly Osmann

I love winter! It might seem strange to some, but, oh, those snow-covered streets, the frost on the windows and the gleaming rink, oh, my heart instantly freezes with delight. And yet winter - it is so tender, a girl's favourite coat, enigmatic gloves up to the elbows, rich collars and elegant boots. I generally like the idea of a "concealed body" - the less you show, the more curiosity there’ll be. it's also a way to not get a sore throat. This article will reveal the secrets of my winter fashion. I promise, it will be beautiful, and frost-proofed!

1. Experiment with hats

Knitted hats with pompoms, are, of course, very cute, but for some girls, they just aren’t. Do not despair. Replace the classic model with a trendy wool hat! Or a fedora with a warm lining. Personally, I often wear scarves instead of hats, tying them in different ways: I can "cheat" a turban or triangle fold it and tie in the style of Russian Alyonushka.

2. Do not be afraid of colour!

I never could understand why, with the advent of cold weather, people on the streets immediately dress all in black, grey and in general try to look all inconspicuous. I'm not sure that the matter is one of practicality - we just hibernate and are too lazy to come up with bright outfits. I propose to change the rules of the game! For example, I love coats of motley colours, "acid" hats and scarves, and even in winter I wear my favourite Trussardi handbag in a cheerful orange colour! Stand out and give others a charge of a "summer" mood - it's great!

3. Wear rough flat shoes

The heavier your shoes, the sleeker your silhouette looks as a whole. Plus, "Canadian lumberjack shoes" are now in trend. They also look great in contrast with a floating "innocent" dress. As a bonus, you unlikely to freeze, or slip and fall, and will not be too upset over that ”stupid salt” all over the pavement.

4. Change the perfume

Aromas of warmth! In the cold I always use perfume with spicy, deep notes of cinnamon, pepper, coriander... Do not be afraid to take risks, and try to imagine men's fragrances. For example, I like the ones which disclose settle notes of leather and wood shades. They just feel so very sexy.

5. Love the costumes

I do not know why, but it was during the cold seasons that I rediscovered the elegance and convenience of a pantsuit. It is as relevant as ever! I like the combination of the classic jacket with trousers: flared, or, conversely, very narrow "pipes".

6. Dress up!

Fireworks, champagne and snowflakes. December - a festive month, magical and sparkling! In eager anticipation of the most memorable night, I want to dazzle with all of its radiance. Therefore, during winter I often choose items with rich decorative elements, embroidery, stones, sequins, lace or silk inserts. You can throw on top a "brutal" or a voluminous jacket. I love to play on contrasts!

7. Do not forget about jewellery

Just because you are wrapped in 10 layers of clothing, it does not mean that no one will see your stunning earrings or new choker. In general I like to go all out, and surprise others by wearing an Indian slave bracelet with a ring on a chain under my gloves. Imagine, you take that glove off in the most nonchalant way and, oh, dazzle everyone with that sparkle!

8. Wear slips

If by any chance you become a happy owner of a super-fashionable slip dress of the underwear style (shimmering silk, seductive lace), and now it is -15 outside that window, do not despair! Just reconsider its purpose. Wear a favourite boudoir combination with voluminous knitted sweaters large vests, black tights and tough boots with low heels. Long live layering!

9. Embrace the wool socks

Mitts, socks, fur headphones, boas, stoles and scarves... In general, everything that is not only practical during the cold time, but also saves your look from hopeless boredom. There are endless variations on the theme of a fashion Snow Maiden. Moreover, the thought alone of not being able to wear all this beauty during the summer should keep you very warm!

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