How to spend your time in the Maldives?
Nataly Osmann

If you await the vacation with as much enthusiasm as I do, my list of "lazy" beach activities should come in handy. Travelling at random has pretty much become my job, so with constant flights and tiny snacks between photoshoots in the morning and business meetings, a vacation? which gives you a chance to simply lay down and relax seem like destiny's gift. Murad and I once promised each other to organize romantic getaways to the famous Four Seasons Hotel in the Maldives every year since our honeymoon. This year isn't an exception as my activities became more elaborate and fitting for anyone who dreams of an island vacation

1. Taste all the island delicious

The first and most importnat rule of a quality vacation is most likely not to miss breakfast, dinner or supper. The Maldives have an amazing cuisine: all types of seafood, Arabic delicacies, exotic fruit and colorful cocktails with paper umbrellas, all without leaving the beach. By the way, the hotel has an option to prepare a personal picnic for a small payment and a good review - romantic, if you ask me!

2. Massage + antigravity yoga

What good vacation can do without a massage? While you enjoy getting pampered in special bungaloes, the ocean breeze and the sound of waves make sure you relax. It's good to start the morning by doing antigravity yoga, the point of which is to try to perform exercises on ropes (besides trying not to fall). It has a great relaxing effect!

3. Swing in a hammock

There are so many hammocks everywhere that you can move from one to another the whole day. There options right on the beach among the palm trees, there are some right next to the private houses - nets right above the ocean surface. Perfect for those who want to take a nap after dinner.

4. Get a healthy tan

Can you go back home after a summer vacation without a chocolate tan? No way! The most important thing to keep in mind while sunbathing is to use appropriate cosmetics, which fit your skin. I think the sunblock line by Eau Thermale Avène is a good option: thermal water (in travel format), sunblock oil, lotion and cremes. An important detail: by using Avène products, you become part of a social project Sun Protect Ocean Respect to protect the ocean. This brand's cosmetics don't contain any harmful ingredients that can contaminate water.

5. Walk a new drone

No time is better to try out technological innovations than your well-deserved vacation. Murad is happy with every new photo gadget, whether it's a new camera lens or a drone. Just make sure not to break the expensive toy, because getting even a bit distracted is enough to lose control of the gadget.

6. Ride the "air" unicorn

This year, I decided to get on the inflatables bandwagon. Why not? Just laying on the water surface, looking at the clouds and enjoying the moment in the company of a pineapple mattress or a rainbow unicorn.

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