Best dining in Tbilisi
Nataly Osmann

Georgia is one of our favorite destinations. But I still remember when we were to go to Tbilisi for the first time we’d heard so many stories about the traditional feasts and the important part they play in Georgian culture. I willingly listened to all the comments and stories about Georgian cuisine and they were making me smile but I could never even imagine the impact it really had on the local culture...

Now, I cannot imagine Georgia without family dinners, street markets and an endless list of national dishes.

I’ve decided to write down a small guide on the local dishes for those of you, who are going to visit Tbilisi and nearby cities, including of course the list of my favorite restaurants.

1. The Black Lion (Shavi Lomi)

23 Amaghleba Street, Sololaki District, Tbilisi

Located in historical part of Tbilisi and is a very cozy family restaurant with a small menu full of delicious food.

Photo: @muradosmann

2. Tsiskvili (The Mill)

Beliashvili St. Right Cots of River Mtkvari, Tbilisi

Restaurant is very popular with tourists. It is always better to book a table there in advance because it is a local landmark with a magnificent view on the city, and the food here is so delicious that it’s hard to stop eating. My advice to you would be to prepare yourself and not eat anything for quite a while before visiting the place.

Photo: Tsiskvili Restaurant

Photo: Tsiskvili Restaurant

3. Salobio in Mtskheta


To try khinkali and khachapuri, you must pay a visit to Salobio restaurant in Mtskheta. This place is mostly known and loved by locals, which is the best quality mark in Georgia.


4. Funicular

Mtatsminda plateau, Tbilisi

If you are keen on trendy places, you should probably go to the restaurant called Funicular. As you probably guessed, there is hard to find a better view of the city.

Photo: Funicular restaurant

Photo: Funicular restaurant

5. Leo Gabriadze’s Café

13 Shavteli St, Tbilisi

Next on our list is Leo Gabriadze’s Café, which is also situated in the historical part of Tbilisi near an old town street with numerous other cafés in it, but this one you won’t be able to just pass by. It is very cozy and of course the food is delicious. The odd-looking two-storey clock could be used as a guide to find the place.

Photo: @muradosmann

Photo: Cafe Gabriadze

6. Rooms Hotel

14 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi

You may also have a cup of coffee at Rooms Hotel right in the lobby. It has a stunning terrace and unforgettable modern interior design. A very peaceful and beautiful place.

Photo: Rooms Hotel

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