Bali. Ulun Danu temple on lake Bratan
Nataly Osmann

It’s a magical place! Despite the fact that we were there about four years ago and I don’t remember these lands in details, but we had the most beautiful film shooting there. Lake is located at the 1200 meters elevation above the sea level and is one of the main sources of soft water on the island.

Just there we took one of the first photos of #FollowMeTo project. It was with a python. No, not that. It was with a big yellow python! Don’t ask me how I agreed, but as you understand I didn’t have a lot of choice. Firstly, it was heavy! Secondly, it was a snake! Thirdly, while Murad was shooting and our friends, onlookers, local dwellers were crowding around, that big reptile started boggling and was shrinking bit by bit on my shivery shoulders…

Pictures of it tangling around my neck started tumbling about in my head, and how 10 men were trying to unclench it, the headlines with the story about the photographer and his friend that were at the point of death at the temple entrance, and how everyone was running away from me, leaving me alone face to face with that snake… At that moment I quickly decided to stop the shooting, and hung the snake with a gentle motion on the trainer’s shoulders. But the shot was cheering up a lot of our friends for a long time after.

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