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Murad Osmann

Natasha and I have probably been in LA more than 10 times. We love this city – city of angels, graffiti and street food. City of celebrities and their fans. I am still tricking Natasha and scream “Look, that’s Brad Pitt going down the street”. The funniest part is that she always turns around.

For this time, we went to Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, and the whole city – streets, shopping malls, restaurants looked as if Santa had a crash in his sleigh right above the city and all the content fell on it covering the place with global stock of lights, glitter, tinsel and Christmas balls.

Also, during this trip we managed to work with two of the brightest and most influential bloggers in the US: YouTube comedy star Amanda Cerny and Instagram beauty Alexis Ren. You can see a part of how it all turned out in our first video from LA, and of course follow us on YouTube: soon there will be a lot of interesting things!

And here is the list of our favourite places in Los Angeles, which we’ve visited for hundred times but will still with pleasure visit again

1. Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons (9500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills)

This is one of our favourite hotels in the city, which is located at the crossroads of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards. It is a famous spot in the city because Richard Gere’s character stayed here in “Pretty Woman”. Sometimes you can even see girls dressed up in Julia Robert’s outfits from the movie!

2. The Grove Shopping Centre (189 The Grove Dr)

The Grove looks more like a shopping village rather than a shopping mall – it is enormous and it seems that you can find here anything you want! There are about 50 shops, more than a dozen restaurants for every taste. You want fresh sea-food? – Well, here you are! Coffee and cheesecake? Oh, it just around the corner! Also, there is a giant cinema which we, to be honest, never managed to go into.

3. Downtown District

That’s where you can truly feel the magnitude of the city. Shiny glass skyscrapers, suit-up managers riding on… skateboard! Well, this is LA – the city of contrasts. Also, one of the most artistic districts – “Art District” is situated in Downtown.

4. Viewing platform near The Griffith Observatory

You can’t really get bored of the view of the legendary “Hollywood” which opens form here! However, to take photo with famous letters on the background you’ll wait in line for 5 tourist groups from China take them first. Or you can wake up early as we did.

5. Akasha Restaurant (9543 Culver Blvd, Culver City)

Akasha is one of our favourite restaurants in LA. It’s not all the way classy or luxurious, and is a probably bad choice for candlelit dinner with your wife, but is perfect for lunch with tastiest pizza in the town! All dishes here are cooked form natural, organic products, and trust us, all the food (and I’m usually scared of organic-labeled food) is very tasty!

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