My Top 5 places
Murad Osmann


Lake Uyuni in Bolivia

Where the horizon between the sky and the Earth becomes indistinguishable. If only I could whip up a few salt snowmen there!

Photo: Shutterstock/ Legion-Media


Japan in the Flower Festival

With the snow-white top of Fujiyama as a backdrop. A lonely lump-volcano and fields covered with flowers. It is a fairy-tale.


India and Holi festival

Not long ago, we were lucky enough to be in India at the time of the traditional Holi festival. It truly is an incredible thing to witness and take part in. Hundreds of locals walk the city's streets and fill the air with dry pigments - gorgeous sight. So yes, I would love to come again and enjoy this wonderful festival once more.

Photo: Shutterstock/ Legion-Media


Colored mountains in China (Danxia landform)

I would visit it just after the rain because the locals say that just after the rain the colours contrast especially. And the rave of colours is similar to the Holi festival in India.

Photo: Flickr User 주은 김


American canyons

I am fond of the American canyons. For example, of Coyote Buttes with scarlet cliffs in wave shapes which form the part “Vermillion Cliffs” State reservation in Arizona. Also for a long time I longed to see the Grand Canyon in Nevada, I am enticed by such landscapes, by the might of nature that you see just in front of you. This place is special because only 20 permits to visit it are allocated each day, so as not to disturb the environment. And for the “Follow me” project it is an ideal place, an ideal perspective for a shot.

Photo: Shutterstock/ Legion-Media

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