Cambodia. Jungle book
Murad Osmann

I would like to tell you about one place, it is called Beng Mealea. When you are there you may get a feeling that everything around you has been destroyed by an unknown extraterrestrial civilization. As if somebody gigantic kicked several walls off the temple and left the others undamaged.

But time has passed and nature conquered the place uniting it under one big green leafy blanket. I haven’t seen anything like this before! And according to the local rumors, that was exactly the place where Kipling wrote the Jungle book. Being here and standing surrounded with all this beauty and wilderness you can easily picture the the scene when Kaa lured the monkeys. Just imagine the roots of the trees, slabs, moss, masses of rocks, ruins of the walls covered with drawings, trees, vines and it’s all blurred into one big landscape scene.

Photo: @muradosmann

Photo: @muradosmann

They say Beng Mealea looks like a simplified version of Angkor Wat but it didn’t seem that way to me. You can just walk everywhere and see everything with your own eyes. Scientists are still uncertain what century these buildings belong to. But they have calculated that – taking into account the possibilities of modern technologies – the restoration and reconstruction of the whole complex will take about 150 years!

Photo: @muradosmann

Photo: @muradosmann

We didn’t take a #FollowMeTo picture there. Only now I understand that it was one of those moments when we were simply mind-blown by all the things surrounding us, and so we almost didn’t use our cameras. We will definitely go back and take photos of this place to share with you the way we saw it and felt it.


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