All the colors of Cuba
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Murad Osmann

I’ll be honest if I say that we’ve thought about collaborating with Samsung for a long time. We wanted to do something unusual, bright, colorful, which will be different from what’ve done before. So for this project we’ve decided to choose the most exotic and authentic country! Initially we’ve got a couple of variants: Mexico, South Africa and Argentina. But then someone named this magical, lure destination “Cuba”. And the choice was made!

I think for Russians Cuba is always a byword for faraway free country, lost somewhere in the ocean. In reality the island is indeed very unusual, even peculiar. It looks as if the time here stopped and you’re diving in the atmosphere of 60-70s and freeze starring at everything around.

In Moscow we’ve already decided the location of our #FollowMeTo shot – near the retro cars with Capitol in the background. It turned out exactly as we’ve planned: bright, edgy and joyful.

Also Cuba reminds about impulsive women in colorful clothes and headbands. There is a famous photo of past years on which old ladies stand near bright-yellow wall in colorful dresses smoking a pipe. We managed to recreate this shot but in our personal style. Of course our filming team drew attention of locals, imagine, beautiful Nataly in a national dress, chatting old ladies, videographer, producer, talking on phone in Russian non-stop and me with tons of equipment… Almost all passers-by stopped and starred, cars were honking at us and created a traffic jam. It was a nightmare! In the crazy tempo, which accompanied our work that day, the Samsung watch Gear S3 is a must have! It’s very convenient, as everything you need is right in your hand, or rather on it: weather, currency exchange rates, mail, and access to social networks. During the shoot we could just decline a call with a single movement of my hand. This “smart” gadget saved us a lot of time.

Another thing we wanted to photograph was the panorama of Havana during the morning. And, in my opinion, we found a perfect spot, from we could even include an old church into our shot. This was our third hot in Havana.

What else is Cuba associated with? The Caribbean, the sun and white sand, of course… For a vacation like this tourists mostly come to the Varadero resort. This is a popular place with beautiful white bays, large shorelines and expensive hotels with the “all inclusive” system. But we decided against venturing so far and easily found an amazing beach in the suburbs of Havana, where we took the fourth picture of #FollowMeTo.

We couldn’t forget about famous Cuban dancers! The most beautiful dace on the island is salsa. It is nothing like a classic Latin American dance. It’s a crazy mixture of absolutely different styles and movements. All of the movements are broken, wild, almost spontaneous. As soon as music starts playing, every Cuban turns from an ordinary person into a skilled dancer. The shoot with dancers took place in the burnt theater building. Its walls are painted with graffiti, and there’s carton instead of an actual roof.

In the end we made our way to the city of Trinidad - the farthest point. It is a UNESCO heritage site. Bright, colorful, authentic place with one story houses, retro cars and very friendly people. We were saved by the navigator in the Samsung watch Gear S3: we easily made up the most complex itineraries and didn’t get lost once.

Speaking of the watch, it has another important and convenient function. Duo Watch is a program, which can showcase two different time zones on one screen. We always knew what time it was in Moscow and could easily see when we should call one of our colleagues without waking them up at 2 o’clock in the morning.

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