Where to go on weekends in Russia: Anapa, Bryansk, Taganay

Utrish Reserve, Anapa

How to get there

The fastest option is by plane. The flight from Moscow to Anapa will only take two hours. The alternative is 22 hours by train or 18-20 hours by car.

Where to stay


2 B Mayakovsky Street

Built in a rock, the «Utyos» hotel is a unique place with glass facade and refined interiors. Its rooms offer luxurious views of the Black Sea. The City Waterfront is within walking distance. After a walk, enjoy a local seafood dinner at the restaurant «Nacional».

Grand Hotel

1 Golubiye Dali Pass

This new hotel has its private sand beach on the shoreline. Enjoy the views of the Black Sea coast while swimming in the hotel’s heated outdoor pool.

What to do

Spend the day at the «Utrish» reserve

The Utrish Reserve has a unique landscape, rich in flora and fauna. For example, here you can see juniper trees, pistachio trees, rare species of butterflies, swans, and turtles. Be sure to take a walk on the local eco-trails and dine on fresh seafood at the «Fort Utrish» restaurant.

Go to cypress lake (Sukko)

Just a half-hour drive from Anapa, in the village of Sukko, there is a real miracle of nature. Cypress Lake was artificially created, and in the mid-1940s, 32 bald cypress trees were planted here. Today, they are gorgeous massive trees that can be approached closely during the low-water season. But be very careful not to damage their vulnerable roots.

Wine tasting at Guy-Kodzor

After a walk in the reserve don’t forget to visit the local vineyard. In the village of Guy Kodzor there are private vineyards. Every wine here has a special taste, whether it is wild berries, sun-dried cherries, citrus or flower notes. You can view the wine production and attend a wine tasting only by prior appointment.

Bryansk Forest Reserve, Bryansk Region

How to get there

The journey to Bryansk by train from Moscow takes about 4 hours. After getting to the city, you can take a half an hour taxi ride to the «Bryansk forest» reserve. If you travel by car, you should plan a 4.5-5 hour trip.

Where to stay

Central Estate

Bryansk Region, Suzem District, Nerussa Station

Central Estate is the most comfortable accommodation for a couple of days, includes free parking and a picturesque lake nearby. The estate house has several rooms with two single beds, a common kitchen and a bathroom. You can also choose a room with a king size bed and a private shower. There is also an information centre and a local photo exhibition in the central homestead.

«Old Yamnoye» guest house on the cordon

The oldest and most cozy cordon of the «Bryansk forest» reserve for a group of 6-8 guests. However, it is open to tourists only with the permission of zoologists of the reserve, which can be confirmed by phone.

Guest house, «Sunny» in-patient care

It’s a two-storied wooden house located in the village of Chukhrai. An 8-10 person group of eco-tourists can be perfectly housed in the reserve’s hospital. The rooms have both single and double beds.

What to do

Take a walk along the ecological trail

«Our home - Bryansk forest» is the most interesting trail near the Central estate. You can learn about the flora and fauna of the Bryansk forest during the walk. And you can share your reflections in a postcard that can be delivered from the mailbox of the estate to any place in the world.

See the bison

It’s one of the most popular activities in the park during the cold season. From October to April, workers of «Bryansk forest» conduct walking and auto tours with a hike to the Proletarsky cordon, where you can often see a lot of bison.

Study the terrain of the reserve

Take a geo-botanical tour of the reserve. This is a good opportunity to learn about the history of this place, how the «Bryansk forest» was formed and how it was influenced by humans.

Taganay National Park, Chelyabinsk Region

How to get there

The fastest option is a 2.5 hour flight from Moscow to Chelyabinsk. Taganay National Park is located in the neighboring city of Zlatoust. You can get there by taxi, fast-bus or a regular bus.

Where to stay

Central Estate

There are eight small houses in the Central Estate, which can accommodate 4-8 people. Inside the estate there is a bench, chairs, a wooden bunk bed and an oven. It’s best to bring a sleeping bag and dishes with you. The estate also has a car park, a nature museum, a “banya” (Russian Sauna) and picnic areas.

What to do

See the Great Stone River

The stone river is a remarkably beautiful collection of stone rocks between the ridges of the Great and Middle Taganay, which is definitely worth seeing up close.

Go on the ascent to the «Peak of Light»

It’s a one day trip and is 15 kilometers long. In 6-8 hours, you will be able to see the Double-Headed Hill, the top of the Great Taganay Range, and enjoy crystal clear water from the White Spring.

Visit the Valley of Fairy Tales

The colorful valley is located between the tops of the Great Taganay Ridge. Unusually shaped outliers that resemble different fairy tale characters are scattered all over the place. By the way, the second name of this place is Sand Slides. That’s because quartz sand has been collecting naturally in the saddle path for many years.

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