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Eugene Serousova (@_serous_) is committed to helping employees of the Russian Museum attract talented contemporary artists from around the world. One can only envy the beautiful cultural education and subtle sense of taste this girl has. And yet it is impossible not to fall in love with her smile - soft and daring at the same time (check out her Instagram account, and you'll understand immediately why we are so obsessed). We asked Eugene to talk about the most colourful, exciting and innovative art venues in the city. Not only the museums, but creative clusters, media centres and even concert halls.

Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum

Marble Palace Millionnaya str., 5/1

Only few people know this, but the palace doesn’t just have Rzhevsky brothers’ collection, but also a serious exposition of Conceptual Art, covering all the major names and current art of the 20th and 21st centuries. A real connoisseur of everything modern will not remain indifferent to the works of Picasso, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Beuys, and many others.

Eastern Wing of Hermitage

Palace Square, 6-10

Project Hermitage 20/21 is a unique department dedicated to popularisation of Conceptual Art. Here they often hold quite significant events of the modern world of art. For example, the European Biennial Manifesta, an intellectual marathon Realisms, modern architectural designs and more.


St. Isaac's Square., 1

The main Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg once again became active after a long renovation, immediately regaining its higher status in the cultural life of the city. One of the priorities of the updated site is all forms and types of Contemporary Art you can imagine. Team Manege deeply explores the sphere of Contemporary Art and is constantly searching for the "young and talented", which, for sure, will receive attention and interest of a completely different audience.

Ohta Lab

Department store Ohta Mall, Yakornaya st. 5A

Everyone who seeks to understand the essence of Modern a Art and start a direct dialogue with it is obliged to visit the cultural and educational space of Ohta Lab, located in the new Ohta Mall Shopping Centre. This is a new place of power for those who are just trying to formulate their attitude towards contemporary and avant-garde projects. It hosts lectures and master classes with leading experts in the fields of art, science and media industry.

New Holland

Nab. Admiralteysky channel 2

An interactive art playground for adults and children. One of the most symbolic places of the Northern Capital, a multifunctional complex of New Holland only recently worked during seasonal mode projects, and now you can get to the island all year round. The heart of cultural activity is a clubhouse - Kuznya. In bad weather you can always get warm here, have tasty lunch and then choose something from the extensive cultural program.

Museum of Street Art

Sh Revolution 84

The biggest area of Mordern Street Art is not in a walking distance from the centre, and there is enough here to feed all the fashion and modern art-hungry. During the summer, the life of museum is more active because most of its exhibits are held under the open sky. In winter, you can go to a very exciting and not quite legitimate tour of an abandoned shop on the grounds of the plant.

Anna Nova Gallery

Str. Zhukovsky, 28

It has long proved itself to be almost the best Contemporary Art gallery in St. Petersburg, expressive and intense, showing the latest trends in Contemporary Art. This area feels the mainstream and is always on the crest of the wave of the latest cultural trends. A gallery for those who are in the flow. Just dive in!

New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre

Nab. Fontanka River, 49A

Definitely a place with a special energy and power. A cutting-edge platform with advanced technology. It amazes with the eclectic and ultra-modern architecture of the building. Some sort of a new and improved media lab. Art of the conceptual theatre. The best performances - “Tellurium" by Sorokin and "Earth" by Didenko. Open rehearsals, live sound, live coverage of the world's philharmonics, press conferences, lectures on art theory and history, and so much more.

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