The most photogenic places in Moscow

Photographer Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina) knows that there are three types of models that always look good in a frame - children, animals...and food! Just think how much inspiration (and calories) freshly baked, a gleaming-in-the-sun croissant, or a cheerful box of donuts or a refined set of aerial macarons... But Darya didn’t just select the most photogenic food, but she also pointed out the places where it is possible to capture the best angle. Believe me, you won’t leave these restaurants without taking the most beautiful photos!

“Khlebnaya lavka”

Nikitskaya st., 58

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

I am often asked: "Daria, tell me the name of the cafe with the herbs on the ceiling?" I immediately understand what they mean! All these herbs and balls over your head create an incredible impression! Provence upside down! They have some of the most delicious and "photogenic”, freshest desserts and pastries!


Pyatnitskaya Str., 3

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

The restaurant Bjorn has one of my favorite interiors! Scandinavian minimalism, bright colors, and a combination of wood and brick feel very close to me. The walls are decorated with flat figures of deer and bears, woven from sticks found on the coast of the sea! It looks incredibly stylish and cozy. The main menu items are written in Norwegian (translated of course), the flavor combinations and the way they serve the dishes are both very original. I advise everyone to go and check it out!


Kutuzovsky ave., 2/1 str.1A

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

This place has been living in the capital for the past few years, but still hasn’t lost its charm. I love to meet friends here for breakfast. The local cheesecakes are just a dream for any food photographer - lush, roasted, garnished with fresh berries and laid out on a round platter. They even serve the cheesecake with cotton candy, a picture that will sweeten any foodies Instagram.


Neglinnaya st., 15

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

I am delighted with the steel walls and the chandeliers in this place! And the slate on the ceiling - is really something! I have not seen this anywhere else. The interior looks brutal, but at the same time you feel at home here. It is particularly surprising that such a "manly" atmosphere was actually created by a woman - architect Natalia Belonogova’s team who previously worked on “Ugolek”. These interior designers managed to combine chaos and harmony, as well as rich textures and incredible details.

Noor Bar

Tverskaya st., 23/12

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

Excellent location, great cocktails, and a warm audience. And I love this place for a great combination of colors in the interior: red, yellow, green, and blue! In my opinion, it is very impressive and when I come to shoot here, I just cannot stop and work for hours.

"Simple things New Vintage»

1 Brestskaya Str., 41

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

Hands down the best summer terrace secluded in a cozy courtyard! Now imagine how this space is filled with bubbles - they release them into the air in the evening...indescribable beauty! In winter, you can have a very pleasant evening here, sitting at a table near the window and looking outside as the snow falls. The food here is also very "photogenic" - bright colors, a lot of greens and fresh vegetables, and sauces spilled on plates like paint.

Saxon + Parole

Spiridonievsky per., 12/9

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

The interior is aristocratic, delicate, and restrained, it seems that this place is created for the fans of racing and thoroughbred horses! Everything looks beautiful and expensive, but not pretentious; you’ll be surrounded with marble columns and gold chandeliers. It is a modern interpretation of the English classics. They also serve an amazingly delicious eggs Benedict!


2nd Zvenigorodskaya Str. 12, p.70

Photo: Daria Boronina (@dariaboronina)

It is the perfect set up for a professional food-shooting: gorgeous desserts (not only in appearance, but also in taste!), beautiful cutlery and plates, and on the tables there are small flower bouquets. Large windows and comfortable chairs around them. It is a very ”New York" kind of restaurant, where you could spend your whole day with a cup of coffee and a good book.

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