Slipping beauty

Our friend @19tones is one of the best urban photographers in Moscow. His lens captures the wilfully happy capital in a strong dramatic character, frowning, filled with dark energy, and shimmering night lights. We are crazy about the style, and therefore even asked him to work with us on our Moscow Video Guides. It was very unusual, mysterious and colourful! And in between filming, we chatted with the photographer about the most unusual locations in the city. From that conversation was born the theme of the article: "Abandoned places in Moscow."

Depot at Kurskaya

Str. Zemlyanoy val, 9

Photo: @19tones

An atmospheric and a lonely place next to the lively Kurskaya railway station. A huge dilapidated hangar, which has long been visited by street photographers and graffiti artists. Hidden echoes in the corners, lurking faded "masterpieces" peeking through the layer of dust from the exhibition "The Voice of the streets", which was held here a couple of years ago. Here you can easily meet a team of guys shooting some beauty for an alternative magazine.

Center for physical and spiritual development of women "Elina"

Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya str., 4

Photo: @19tones

The name alone conjures up thoughts of sects and mystical rituals, and when you see it, you will understand why those goosebumps racing over your skin. It looks like a totally abandoned building, both outside and inside. This is especially strange, given the fact that it is located in the centre, and all around are the beautiful restored mansions and neat business centres. Inside - almost ruined floors, graffiti and pieces of glass everywhere.

Factory Likhachev (ZIL)

Avtozavodskaya str., 23

The largest space in an abandoned city, which attracts diggers from all over the country. Devastated plant, silos, loopholes broken windows, pipes... a truly apocalyptic landscape, but for the shooting the place is just great. Guards are here a lot, so just "climbing over the fence" will not work. It is necessary to obtain an official pass, but the entire bureaucracy is worth it. By the way, it says that the authorities have decided to reconstruct the plant, but such repairs can take as long as 10 years!

Business Center "Zenith"

Prospect Vernadskogo, 82

This building is called Blue Tooth - a glass indigo tower that dominates the surrounding landscape. Inside - "hollow" floors cluttered with junk. Roofers climb to the top on the unfinished stairs, while downstairs you will often see local graffiti artists and homeless. They say that this building belongs to the Russian Academy of National Economy, and someday there will be an educational building. Right now it is kind of hard to believe.

Manor Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo

Str. Marshal Vasilevsky, 7

One of the most beautiful mansions of the old Moscow. A very picturesque place: dilapidated colonnade-rotunda entrance, a combination of red and white stone - it attracts urban photographers like a magnet. The inside of the building has remained in a very good condition. Everything except the floor (you have to walk on the wooden flooring), it looks pretty well even the walls have retained their original rich blue colour and columns - all pilasters. People shoot everything here from art-house films to underwear campaigns.

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