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Photographer Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez) - a surprisingly delicate and sentient soul. This girl knows how to "catch" the moment, and therefore has no equal in the filming of performances, ballets and all kinds of multimedia performances. We decided to ask her about the most "photogenic" art venues in Moscow, and the list turned out to be spectacular!


Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

If we want to talk about the ballet in the unbelievable artistic world of the capital, we should start with «Cinqballet» which organises open lessons for all newcomers. Firstly, this is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the world of ballet and mingle with leading artists. Secondly, recharge with the endless inspiration these lessons provide. It doesn’t matter if you want to really start ballet, or just come to see, draw or photograph the dancers. There is always something for everybody. In my opinion, such activities should be carried out as often as possible in the different fields of art, because very often we are too lazy to go to the theatre, or the tickets are too expensive. But such direct contact with art is quite a unique opportunity that should definitely be taken advantage of.


Electrozavodskaya st., 21

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

Quite an unusual place, but a couple of hours spent at the plant will be enough to make you forget about the outside world. This is a real plant, which to this day has been responsible for providing electricity for practically the whole ofMoscow. The main red brick building is very old, built before the revolution. Everything here has character and texture: cascades of walls of varying heights, deserted halls, stairs that lead somewhere, metal roofs, and a lot of things are from the Soviet era... A tour can be booked on the website "Electrozavod".

Central House of actor A.A. Yablochkina

Arbat Str., 35

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

One day we shot on the roof of the theatre, and the view, which opened up was unbelievable: the old Arbat street was flowing like a river, and you could see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Garden Ring... We got some very romantic frames. And I just love this theatre - an interesting setting, great actors, and after the show you can walk along the Arbat lanes.


Pushkarev per., 5

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

One of the most professional art venues in Moscow, unjustly forgotten by tourists. Few people know that it is also the oldest contemporary art centre in the capital built way back in 1988. Located on a small side street, which connects Sretenka street and Tsvetnoy Boulevard. They often host multi-media exhibitions, which connect all your senses. It is always an immersion into another reality.

Multimedia Art Museum

Ostozhenka str., 16

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

Opened by an influential art critic Olga Sviblova, this centre very quickly became one of the most popular in Moscow. A modern and stylish space, with the structure partly resembling the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York. I like the clean lines, the purity and its simplicity. Nothing distracts from the exhibits, and they are usually very bright and unusual.

Apartment Museum A.M. Gorky

Povarskaya Street., 25A

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

Located in a building by Fedor Schechtel - who built the famous Ryabushinsky mansion on Malaya Nikitskaya. To just come here is already an incomparable pleasure. Yes, in addition, you can also glance into the world of a great writer! The interiors are fascinating, you can even sneak (until the guards see you) to touch the furniture that once belonged to Gorky. Everything here has remained almost the same as it was during his lifetime, "the singer of the revolution."

Moscow International House of Music

Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52, p. 8

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

The architecture of this building wonderfully combines classics and modernism. The glass house under the dome is illuminated from all sides during the evening, just like a Christmas Tree. Very beautiful! The hall itself is also very impressive - inside there is something almost cosmic or intergalactic.

Dominion Tower

Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Str., 5, building 1

Photo: Xenia Zasetskaya (@xenichez)

A magnificent business centre that was built by the famous Zaha Hadid. Like most of her projects the building resembles a flying ship: total absence of sharp edges, in dazzling white plastic and a "confusing" maze of stairways. Unfortunately, not everyone can get inside: you have to discuss any kind of shooting beforehand.

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