Moscow has captured the wave of "greening": like mushrooms after the rain, popping up in the centre there are shops with organic products, vegetarian cafes, and smoothie bars. To understand more about this healthy eating diversity, we asked a girl who knows all the ins and outs. Olya Malysheva (@salatshop) - the creator of projects that promote a healthy way of life - Salatshop and 360 detox shares tips and tricks that any fan of everything organic, fresh, healthy, and delicious needs to memorise right now!

Cafe H.A.N.D.

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 15, department store, “Tsvetnoy”

“Tsvetnoy” is my favorite department store in Moscow. Here, the atmosphere is very special unlike the other shopping centers. My office is only five minutes away so we often go to H.A.N.D. for lunch or dinner, or for business meetings. The menu has a good selection of dishes for vegetarians and raw foodists. My favorites: quinoa burgers and cold pumpkin soup which I often order with a vegetable salad. In warm weather we always sit outside on the veranda cafe overlooking the Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the center of the capital. Here it is safe to invite friends who eat fish: there is a whole page of dishes with seafood.

Food Market in the “Tsvetnoy”

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 15, a department store, “Tsvetnoy”

On the 5th floor there is a market and a supermarket with an excellent selection of organic products. I often look in the dairy section for cheese and yogurt from goat's milk, and my husband always takes the spicy tofu and vegetables in the local Asian section. In the supermarket, which is located right here as well, you can always buy coconut milk and cream, sun dried tomatoes, cold pressed olive oil, and many more products that will make any dish tastier and healthier.


Ermolaevsky per., 10/7

The best greens, seitan, the freshest vegetables and tasty ingredients - here they serve the most beautiful and hearty vegetarian salads in Moscow. One fresh and light dish could easily replace lunch or dinner. For Fresh, I developed a detox menu, and most of the items are still my favorites, especially the avocado mousse and the raspberry salad with quinoa and sweet potatoes. The number of these restaurants is growing which I am very pleased about. My favorite is located at Patriarch's Ponds.

Mini-markets “Gorod Sad”

Str. Dmitrovka, 16

Mini-markets “Gorod Sad” are located in very convenient locations, one store is located at Patriarch's Ponds, the other - on the Big Dmitrovka. Chia, spirullina, quinoa, bread from wheat germ, organic care products, green juices, smoothies - "Gorod Sad” has a good selection of foods for vegans, raw foodists, and those who favour a healthy diet. Each store also has a cooking section where you can take away your diet breakfast, a salad, garnish with chickpeas or one of the delicious Raw & Vegan desserts (ginger cake - my favorite!).

Детокс-магазины 365 detox


This project was the materialisation of what I was talking about a few years ago on Salatshop.ru. Green juices, cold pressed smoothies with almond milk, wheatgrass shots, natural desserts without sugar and flour - we make everything ourselves. Our flagship of 365 detox in the “Tsvetnoy” became the first of its kind in Russia. Here you can take a bottle of your favorite smoothie, chocolate truffles without sugar, or chocolate paste, build a detox program for the day, or choose one of our natural oils for the body. This year we opened two more 'green' corners - in the shopping center "Metropolis" and "Lotte Plaza".

Juice bar GreenGo

Large Palashёvsky per., 1/14, page 1

The new location near Patriarch's Ponds, which serves fresh juices, smoothies, and fruit salads, with mango and papaya. Here you can buy exotic fruits and vegetables that were brought from all over the world. Everything is extremely colourful, bright, and cheerful; your mood immediately improves. It seems like it’s summer! I find it very cool that there are these kind of places in Moscow.

Shops and cafes "Jagannath"

Str. Kuznetsky Most, 11

10 years ago when I stopped eating meat and began to explore vegetarianism and healthy eating, "Jagannath" was almost the only place in Moscow where you could buy tofu, turmeric, flax seeds, wheat germ, and other foods that are considered essential in the diet of vegans. Today, they offer a large selection of different foods for vegetarians, raw foodists, and followers of Ayurveda. I will always be connected to this place through memories of the first steps towards a healthy diet. And by the way, "Jagannath" partly became my motivation for 365 detox - I wanted to show that vegetarian foods may be sold without pushing any esoteric or Hinduism agenda.

Shop "Biostoriya"

Leninsky pr., 36

In "Biostorii" on Leninsky Prospekt there is a large selection of vegetarian, organic, and farm products. Here they have all the superfoods, cereals, desserts, and natural products for body care and hair. Moreover, the store has its own kitchen and a bakery that serves aromatic biobread: without yeast and preservatives. The guys are also known for their concern about the environment; all the packaging is made entirely out of environmentally friendly materials based on sugar cane, starch, and wood!

Restaurant “Moscow-Delhi”

Ermolaevsky per., 7

Atypical for Moscow, a place with authentic Indian cuisine and a very special atmosphere. There is no meat or alcohol on the menu and the prices are fixed. When you come here you feel like you have come home to your family, where you will be happy and well-fed until your next visit. Much attention is paid to the ingredients - using farm products, red rice, freshly ground flour, properly cooked organic ghee, and coconut oil.

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