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Nataly Osmann

Frankly, I love fashion (sorry, but girls are girls). I love to dress up, like a magpie I’m instantly attracted to everything shiny and I can’t just walk past beautiful shoes in a shop window. Murad constantly berates me for my ever-growing wardrobe, but it seems to me that sometimes you need to indulge your "small" weaknesses. And yet I like to support young talent, to talk about the emerging designers who I think deserve recognition. Although I am close friends with many serious, already accomplished brands. Here is my top ten of the best. This is that time when supporting domestic producers is nothing but a pleasure!

Alena Akhmadullina

The heroine of the brand - a romantic and mysterious Turgenev girl. This is what the founder of the brand Alena Ahmadullina looks like herself. Graceful and strong, gentle and vulnerable... I love the fabulous prints, passing from collection to collection, - owls, wolves, firebirds, embroidery based on Bilibin’s illustrations… And the brand also creates stunning accessories!

Where to buy: Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 48, Department store ”Vremena Goda”


An incredibly feminine and elegant brand, founded by sisters Alice and Julia Ruban. The rare case where lush decorative elements in the form of frills, feathers, fringe or coarse crystals do not make the outfit silly, but rather give it a touch of character and that rebellious girl feel.

Where to buy: Kamergersky lane, 7/5, str.1.

Vika Gazinskaya

One of the few Russian brands successfully competing on the world market. Silk skirts in the style of the new look and coats in pastel shades that Vika Gazinskaya sells in major department stores around the world, from New York to Sydney. And indeed the founder of the brand is an international style icon.

Where to buy: Petrovka Street 2, TSUM.

Ma Ya

This brand is very close to me in spirit and in philosophy. I love to embellish myself, and in Ma Ya’s clothing I always feel like a princess. I am very impressed by the oriental motifs that are a major part of the concept of the brand. Its creator Maria Didarova is my close friend; I often find her at work in the studio, so I know firsthand how responsible she is when it comes to the choice of materials and the quality of each item.

Where to buy: Bolshoy Aphanasyevsky lane, 15.


Russian guys that opened their headquarters in Antwerp; they’ve established a brand that is really unusual. To create their collections they attract different designers, stylists, and purely creative people from all around the world. I was fortunate to be among them, and also to create with Graviteight a joint collection. Of course, it couldn’t be done without my favourite Indian motifs!

Where to buy: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 15, a department store, “Tsvetnoy”


Dima Neo - a true friend and a real talent. He was a finalist on the ”Podium" project, in which participated the brightest designers from all over Russia. His clothes are futuristic and sculptural, they can’t be confused with any other brand, and they always stand out in the crowd. I love the unusual tailored trousers and his asymmetrical coats.

Where to buy: Str. Rochdelskaya, 15, p. 8, BC "Trekhgorny manufactory"

Alexander Terekhov

Photo: Anastasia Rystova (@nastyanastya)

Another favorite man in the world of domestic fashion. His business card: sexy, playful, elegant evening dresses, worthy of even the most conservative red carpet. No ball inspired photoshoot will go without an outfit from Terekhov. The brand is anything but boring, his latest "hooligan" show in the Moscow metro is enough proof.

Where to buy: Str. Petrovka, 24, building 2

Ester Abner

Designer Ester Abner really "loves women" and knows how to make their beauty shine. All of his items are tailored to emphasise the elegance of the figure and hide any flaws. Perfect functionality! I really like the fabric Ester chooses, the big lace, natural silks, satin... Expensive and tasteful!

Where to buy: Str. Ilinka, 4, Gostiny Dvor


A young brand that creates stunning gowns and fur coats. These guys have started very recently, but their things have been seen in Moscow on such fashionistas like Ksenia Sobchak, Katya Mukhina and Nadia Obolentseva. So I do not doubt that this brand will have a great future.

Where to buy: Tverskoy Bulvar, 16, p.5


A young and very talented designer Lesya Shipovskaya demonstrates her collections not only in Moscow but also in Kiev Fashion Week. I love her brooch in the form of exotic birds embroidered with stones, and evening dresses of velvet and taffeta in saturated shades of red. The brand is very beautiful and full of dramatic colors, perfect for an evening out.

Where to buy: Stoleshnikov Lane, 11, of. 328

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