What to do in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Misha Peshkov (@travel.notes) is still in school, but has already managed to become one of the most popular instagrammers in Kamchatka. His account is full of stunning images that show how people interact with nature and how together they create this new, magical, and absolutely wonderful world. Some examples: a sleepover under the stars, a boat ride in the Pacific, or just reading your favourite book at the hillside of a volcano. He understands the delicate aesthetic of his homeland and he knows how to capture it. We asked him to tell us what to do in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, if you find yourself out of luck or if the weather messes up your plans.

Many travellers that come to Kamchatka looking for their next big adventure are familiar with one particular scenario: a cup of tea, Kamchatka caviar, then sitting by the window, waiting for the fog to pass at the Kluchevskaya sopka, or for the storm to end at the Avachinskaya Bay. In my honest opinion, bad weather is not a good enough reason for you to miss out on all the amazing experiences you could be having. No amount of snow or rain should prevent you from taking the best pictures of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The highest points of the city are the Mishennaya sopka (381m) and the Kirpichiki sopka (450m). If you aren’t able to go exploring in the faraway mountains, then definitely climb these two; you will get to enjoy unbelievably beautiful views of the whole city and the nearby volcanos, and even the Avachinskaya Bay. From the Mishennaya sopka opens up a view of the plato full of buildings, behind which you’ll see the Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes.

If you reach the other side of the Kirpichiki sopka, you’ll see a number of lakes with picturesque views, among those are the Sinichkino, the Medvezie, and the Vorobyinoe lakes.

But the beauty of our city doesn’t stop at these impressive natural sights, there are enough interesting cultural locations right in its centre.

Obviously, the most popular place for spending the Sunday afternoon is the Lenin square with a gorgeous view of the Avachinskay Bay. Nearby, towers the Kamchatka Theatre of Drama and Comedy (Leninskaya st. 75); it often hosts the big leagues from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Right across the street, you will find the Kamchatka exposition centre (Leninskaya st. 62), where you can appreciate the fine art and photography of the local artists. They also host events and meetings with interesting people and even organise master classes. Down the street you will find the Local History Museum (Leninskay st. 20). It is an interesting museum and even very informative; you will learn a lot about the history and culture of the peninsula, and its native inhabitants and their traditions.

The loft Culture Park (prospekt Pobedi, 12) is probably one of the most stylish platforms in the city. It is a multipurpose space that is often used for workshops, concerts, parties, presentations, etc. There is a rollerdrome about two stations closer to the centre (Toporkova st. 1A) with pool, board games and a kids’ room. Many famous touring musicians perform there.

The evening should be spent in one of the central restaurants where you can discuss your next move with your friends. The best dinner spots are:

1. Bulvar

Shamsa shopping centre, prospekt Pobedi, 67/2

A great popular restaurant in the heart of the city. A large menu offers everything from traditional Russian homemade soups to sushi rolls.

2. Kolizey

Leningradskaya st. 71

All the major social events take place here. This location has been used for runway shows, presentations, and all the birthday celebrations of the VIPs. But don’t worry, you can still have a simple dinner here. The seafood dishes are especially delicious.

3. Korea House

Leninskay st. 26

The most popular place among tourists. It’s like every single person that comes through Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky considers it to be their mission to eat here. Quite understandable as the food is great; you can even cook the fresh seafood and pieces of meat yourself on a stove that has been built into your table.

4. Ikra

Prospekt Pobedi, 2

The main club in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Only open from Thursday to Saturday, with events that last all weekend long. A perfect place for a large company of friends looking to have some real fun. They often host costume parties as well.

The most exciting pastime here in the city is the Beringia dog sled race - the longest one (560km!) in the whole of Eurasia.

Photo: Mixail Peshkov (@travel.notes)

It usually takes place sometime in March and can last up to a whole month. It is a very unique competition. Their path lies through such cult places like the caves of the Gorely volcano, the hot thermal springs (Opalinsky, Hodutkinsky, Goliginsky and Gremuchy), the Kurilskoe lake and it even reaches the farthest point of the South Kamchatka - the Lopaka cape. Participants come from all over the country. According to the rules, any musher over 18 years old and with enough experience in professional long-distance racing can participate in the competition. No ordinary traveller can take part in the race, but just witnessing such an epic event will give you unbelievable pleasure. Trust us, it’s an unforgettable and truly captivating sight!

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