The most photogenic places of Kamchatka

The Helipro agency’s team along with its founder - freerider and photographer - Maxim Balakhovsky (@maxbaloo) have made a list of the most photogenic places in Kamchatka. It didn’t take them very long, they are, after all, the most bright and creative people on the peninsula, who’ve been involved in all kinds of active tourism for many years.

1. Mutnovsky volcano

An active smoking volcano with seething fumaroles, is located just 30km away from one of the best holiday villages in Kamchatka - the Snow Valley. During the winter we love to heliski - we are flown to the top by a helicopter, and we ride down by ourselves on ski or on snowboards. During the summer the crater looks different, sometimes the snow melts completely and you can really see how active it is. In this case, you can even walk to the top or ride on ATVs which is just as much fun.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

2. Khodutka

At the foot of the mountains flows a hot river. These picturesque thermal springs are easily accessible by ATVs during springtime. There’s a tiny wooden house standing right on the bank that looks unbelievably romantic with these monumental sights as your backdrop.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

3. Tolbachik volcano

This volcano erupted back in 2013, and everyone who was there at the time were really lucky, because they had the chance to walk around the exploding craters and flowing lava. Now, each year with visit Tolbachik, we walk on the frozen river, peek into the stalactite caves and imagine we’ve been transported to another planet.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

4. Kurilskoe lake

This is one of the most shining sights in the whole of Kamchatka. People come to this Nature Reserve to watch wild animals in their natural habitat, especially bears. There is so much salmon here, that the plush hunters spend practically the whole summer pursuing their goal. This is also the location of the cult film, 'Land of the Bears' documentary.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

5. Hot springs valley

Perhaps, the most popular place among tourists. We, too, recommend you visit it. Life here is literally bubbling. You can only get here by helicopter. The landscapes are incredibly impressive, and breathtakingly beautiful when viewed from above.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

6. Uzon volcano caldera

This is a fantastic place. You should really come here some time between September and October, when the golden Autumn is in full swing. Some are satisfied with a helicopter tour, but for those seeking a more personal experience, there is a special path between the seething, boiling craters and mud holes. Just imagine all the amazing Instagram shots you’ll be able to take here!

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

7. Khangar volcano

Honestly, there aren’t that many companies that offer tours of this place. But we persistently try to get to Khangar every Autumn! It’s a lake in the crater of a volcano, the water is crystal clear, and the energy is unbelievable! This place is truly, very special, and definitely not for everyone.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

8. Zhupanova river

Rafting down this river during Autumn is truly a priceless experience. The water does all the hard work, so you just sit back, enjoy the stunning views and fish till you literally drop. You can choose a more extreme course if you want a little more adrenaline.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

9. Klyuchevskaya sopka

This volcano region is probably the most well known one in the central part of the peninsula. So many possible adventures in one place are available if you come here on an ATV! In our opinion, the Dead Forest and the Studyonaya river canyon are the most picturesque sights.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

10. Tumroksky mountain range

It is quite a long flight, so you should spend the night camping or in the friendly base camp Tumorki, which has amazing thermal and narzan springs. Heliski is possible during winter, while fishing and hunting are available during the summer. You will be surrounded by a range of different wildlife, like bears, deer, bighorn sheep and moose. The nearby Kizimen volcano erupts on regular basis. If you are looking for something special, this place is definitely it.

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

11. Shiveluch volcano

One word - Mars. Shiveluch is the most active volcano in the Northern Kamchatka. To get here, driving ATVs is almost as impossible as driving to another planet. But we do it anyway because it’s an adventure you will never forget!

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

12. Falshivaya bay + Morzhovaya bay

The Pacific Ocean is definitely something worth seeing. It’s hard to single out just one particular bay, so we chose our two favourites: the Falshivaya bay is perfect for winter, while Morzhovaya is just as wonderful in the summer!

Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii (@maxbaloo)

13. “Snow Valley”

This mountain base with its thermal springs, a steaming pool, a bathhouse, a restaurant and an amazing birch forest. An ideal place for you to rest after all the incredible adventures you’ve had.

Photo: Snow Valley (

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