#FollowMeTo Jordan June 23-30
Nataly Osmann

We are inviting you to Jordan, our favourite country that we are ready to visit endlessly. This is where we took our most popular #FollowMeTo shots. It is also where we filmed our programme for the First channel, wrote a book, and developed our unique signature route which we want to follow together with you this summer.

We are going to visit the eighth wonder of the world, fly over the desert in a hot air balloon, spend a night with the bedouins, and experience weightlessness in the saltiest sea on the planet. Having spent a full week on this trip, you will be fully entitled to saying that you have seen everything in Jordan! We have invested our souls into this programme, and we truly want you to see this incredible country through our loving eyes. Also, you will be the first legitimate backstage guests #FollowMeTo. And it is you whom we will reveal all our famous photo and video secrets.

Our route will go through the following landmarks:

- Amman, the kingdom’s capital, intertwines traditional eastern and urban flamboyance

- Petra, a legendary ‘red rose city which is as old the time itself’, the main heritage of the Nabataean kingdom

- Wadi Rum desert, a true part of Mars on our planet

- The Red and the Dead seas: What can be better the spa-treatments in the open air

Our journey includes:

- Five-star hotel accommodations (W Hotel Amman, Marriott Petra, Sun City Camp, Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla, Ma'In Hot Springs) with breakfast included

- Lunch and dinner in national cuisine restaurants

- Comfortable transfer shuttle services around the country

- The company of our celebrity cameraman and photographer who will assist in taking shots of the most memorable moments of your trip

- Murad’s master-class in mobile picture taking and video editing

- Meditation with Nataly

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