Bali is a magical island, a place where spirits dictate their own laws; all that’s left to us people is to obey and carelessly enjoy the most picturesque sunsets in Indonesia. We made up a team comprised of different and talented people to showcase this island in all of its of its versatile beauty.
Amazing Bali
Fresh air, salty sprinkles, white sand, greenery, bright colors, freedom, the scent of wax applied on the surfboards… Yup, that’s all Bali! We first ended up on this Indonesian island four years ago when we had started dating, and our second trip became a real experiment. And it’s not just the strong, deep energy on the island itself, but also our wonderful companions. We thought that it would be cool to show this magical place to our friends and see what their views on it were. So, our crew on board included singer Anna Sedokova, blogger Pasha Mikus, healthy lifestyle expert Sasha Novikova, and fashion guru Max Sapozhnikov. Now witness the results of this grandiose venture!

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