Bali is an island for the young, for those under 35. Everything here is active and extreme. My parents, for instance, wouldn’t like it too much.
A day with Alexandra Novikova
Sasha Novikova is a guru of healthy eating. That shouldn’t be too surprising as she grew up in a family with restaurateur Arkadi Novikov as her father; “you are what you eat” has been considered a truth since childhood. She felt like she belonged in Bali. Tropical fruits, complex smoothies, banana leaves instead of plates, and a bowl of rice with seafood were all the most popular dishes. Also, thanks to Sasha we visited the national open air market where items were authentic and they sold everything from rare spices to fresh fish. We cooked dishes from sweet potatoes and sea urchin needles (!), bargained for a couple of green tangerines, decorated food with living flowers, and tried the tastiest muesli ever! If you’re as obsessed with food as we are, follow the tastiest itinerary on the island!
Tegallalang rice terraces

We’ve traveled to the one of the most beautiful places on the whole island – famous rice fields in Ubud. Even a glimpse of the green terrace leading down to the valley takes your breath away. There are numerous routes; so pick up one which length is suitable for you and go ahead – try yourself as a Balinese plantation owner, looking around your land!

Rondji Restaurant

We went to one of the most beautiful restaurants in Ubud, which was advised by our friends from The Luxury Bali (@theluxurybali). Guests here are welcomed by two women, dressed in the traditional Balinese clothes. Make sure that you’ve booked the table on the upper terrace; green branches will hang right above your head and exotic flowers will blossom right by the back of your chair. The food is traditional and very tasty.

Cafe Bali

Let’s move to the different part of the island and end up in Seminyak. And have our supper in one of the best local places Café Bali! A small house made out of boards, impresses with its thought-out to the very smallest detail and at the same time cozy interior. There is also a chandelier hanging in the center of the hall, made out of translucent glowing balls, which could hardly be unnoticed.

Nalu Bowls

We came to this legendary surf-café to film our celebrity adventures. Hawaiian style of the place really fits the freedom-loving atmosphere of Bali. Also here you can try the most unusual and delicious smoothies and juices on the island. We really enjoyed the mix of pitaya, banana, raspberry, apple and papaya called Uliwatu.

Uluwatu Temple

Following the advice of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia (#wonderfulindonesia) we went to one of the most iconic and popular places on the island – Uluwatu Temple. It is situated on an 80 meters long cliff, on the very end of Bukit peninsula and it is literally situated between the sky, the earth and the water. You may say, that If you haven’t been in Uluwatu Temple, you haven’t been to Bali. This place has its own, unique energy – strong and spiritual. It’s where elements blend and you can’t remain half-hearted to the amazing landscapes opening from here.


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