When you’re in Bali you understand that you know next to nothing about the place. You don’t know what will happen in an hour or two, you don’t know who you’ll meet. Bali is for those who love surprises.
Anna Sedokova
The incredibly energetic and talented singer Anya Sedokova was, most likely, our most unpredictable guest on Bali. The untamed energy that radiates from this person is so strong that she can easily run away in search of real adventures. She was constantly on the run: unexpected stops, beautiful views, and the tastiest dishes of the island. We could barely keep up with her! But it was precisely Anya who came up with one of the busiest itineraries of our trip. Yachts, beaches, trendy nightclubs, even adjacent islands – the singer managed to try everything everywhere. Can you make a single day seem longer than a week?
Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan

From the airport we’re making our way to a wonderful hotel resort in the very heart of green Ubud. Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan is a place with amazing energy, filled with calmness and serenity. We have breakfast, rest after a long flight, and start our grand adventure.

Port in Sanur

We’re heading to the port of the resort city Sanur, from where fast yachts and boats leave for the Nusa Lembongan Island. We’ve rented one of the yachts from a famous Balinese yacht service Aneecha Catamaran. We have half a day to spend on a sea breeze in splatter, mixing with sunrays. Awesome!

Dream Beach

We’re swimming and sunbathing on one of Indonesia’s prettiest beaches. Snow-white sand and straw umbrellas. And at the bar, which almost touches the waves, they make amazing cold cocktails and tasty homemade lemonade.

Potato Head

We’re going back to the “Big Land” and heading to a famous lounge club Potato Head. Every evening people from all over the island come here to see the most beautiful sunset in their lives. The public is widely diverse: surfers, downshifters, celebrities… And the music playing is so inspiring that turning Shazam off is just pointless.


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